How To Make Photo Gift Tags - Homemade DIY Photography Craft Project

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The Photo

Making personalised photo gift tags is the perfect addition to any present. Photo gift tags are easy to make and it can even become a family activity.

Choosing the right photography to make into a gift tag is not very difficult. If you are making small gift tags try not to choose a photo with a lot of detail as it will just become obscured as you render the image to the right size.

A family photo is a great idea for a Christmas of Thanksgiving gift tag. Having a photo of the person your giving the gift to on the tag can also be a nice touch.


The easiest way to make your photo into a tag is to use photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, or even free photo editing software should do). You can scan a film photo using a scanner or transfer your digital photos across from your camera using a USB cable.

Once you have the photo opened in the program it’s time to start editing. First you will have to make the canvas the same size as an A4 page (8.3’ x 11.7’). You can then use your mouse and drag the edges of your image until you are happy with its size. If you want you can crop it using the crop tool.

Text can also be added by using the text tool. Select the text tool button and click on your image. A text box should appear, type in your desired message and click ‘ok’. You can left click on the text and select edit to change the size and font. You can also drag the text around using your mouse.

Once you are happy with the image right click on it and select ‘copy’. You can now past your image until the page is full.

Making The Tags

Printing onto card is the best idea if you want your tags to last – paper will only rip and tear, especially when a lot of ink has been applied.

When your tags are printed out its time to start cutting. This is where you can involve the kids of you want (remember to be careful with scissors and have younger children use safety scissors).

Once the tags are cut out you’ll need to punch hole in them. Alternatively you can just stick them to the gift.

Using a hole punch will give you a clear circle (which is much easier for kids to put string through). You can also just push holes through using a pencil.

The tags can be finished off with string or ribbon so you can tie them to your gift.