Best Image Hosting Sites to Upload, Store and Share your Photos

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1 - Flickr

What can we say about Flickr? It remains to be the top image hosting site used by many professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. Both Flickr’s free and paid hosting accounts offer possibly the most robust and useful image hosting services available online today. With its search and online advertising business out of Yahoo’s hand, Flickr will now be getting the support and attention it needs from its mother company Yahoo. And true enough, Yahoo has recently introduced several enhancements to Flickr including the improved image search interface.

For us here in Brighthub, Flickr has received several coverages including the Top 25 Flickr Free Flickr Tools and Add-Ons, Robin’s Review of Flickr and Rhonda’s take on how Flickr is Loaded with Options.

If you’re new to Flickr you might want to find out how to get started with Flickr.

2 - Picasa Web Album

Picasa Web Album is the online companion to Google’s Picasa Desktop App Alright there goes the magic word - Google. Despite playing second fiddle to Yahoo’s Flickr, Picasa Web Album remains a strong contender to image hosting market. Despite not being as popular as Flickr or other Google products, Picasa Web Album managed to live on and carry its dictum of providing a robust and highly functional image hosting site. Two of Brighthub’s talented writers took Picasa for an in-depth spin and published their reviews of the Picasa 2 and Picasa Web Album. And did we tell you that Picasa has so many features including slideshow, and face recognition?

3 - Photobucket

A couple of years, when online community forum was the Facebook of a long forgotten tech era, Photobucket was the top choice when it comes to image hosting and sharing. Photobuckets integration with online community forums allowed “forumers” to share their photos with other members of the online community forum. Today Photobucket struggles to stay alive amidst the challenges posed by other now popular image hosting sites. Fortunately for Photobucket, there are still some loyal followers who continue to patronize its services. Ally Cheavalier recently reviewed Photobucket and enumerated its many features as well.

4 - Shutterfly

Shutterfly is one of Photobucket’s fiercest rivals in the online image hosting niche. Like Photobucket, Shutterfly is struggling to remain relevant and useful as an image hosting site. It currently offers unlimited and free photo storage solution for all users. It offers easy and step-by-step online support if needed. Check out Stephanie Mojica’s full review of Shutterfly.

5 - Smugmug

Smugmug is the only paid image or should I say photo hosting site on our list. This site is aimed at the most serious professional photographers and photography enthusiasts who wants sleek, robust and great looking photo hosting site to showcase their photography. I’ve seen some of my friends who took the plunge and got a Smugmug account, and boy I would have to admit that their photo gallery are pretty impressive indeed. Thanks to Smugmug’s paid hosting account which starts from around $400 a year. If you are seriously thinking of getting a Smugmug account, checkout the Smugmug review.