Magnet Crafts: 5 Steps to an Easy & Inexpensive Kids Craft Project using Digital Photos and Magnetic Paper

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When my son was younger, he used to love playing with magnets on the fridge. He also had a book where the pages were magnetic and showed some sort of landscape, such as a farm, with corresponding magnets to place onto the background, such as cows, chickens, pigs and sheep.

What You Need

Here is a simple, yet ingenious project that takes little time but creates hours of fun. All you need is:

  • Family photos
  • Magnetic paper
  • Printer

Step 1

Decide on a theme you’d like to go with, such as camping, the beach, or Christmas. You don’t need to have a theme, but it can be more fun. For sake of consistency throughout this article, our project will be based on a camping theme.

Step 2

With your kids, go onto the computer to search through and pick out your favorite family photos from a past camping trip. Don’t limit your selections to just people, find photos of family pets, the tent or RV, the camp fire, forest critters, etc. You’ll also need to find a photo to use as the background, such as a photo of the forest.

Step 3

Print your digital photos onto magnet paper. For best results, print your background photo as an 8X10 and the others a smaller size (to look more lifelike).

Step 4

Depending on the age of your child, you can either have him/her cut the subjects from the printed photo or do it yourself.

Step 5

Place the magnets on your fridge and the project is complete! Now your children can play for hours using their imagination creating different scenes and scenarios. Because this project is so simple and inexpensive, creating several themes will allow your kids to get silly and have even more fun!

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea!

Christmas is quickly approaching. This project would make the perfect Christmas gift for siblings, cousins, grandparents, school friends, or just about anyone on your shopping list.