How to Transfer Photos from Your iPod To Your Computer & Vice Versa

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You have many of your photos on your iPod which you’d like to transfer to you computer. The following tutorial lists the various methods you can follow to do this. A point to keep in mind is that the resolution of the photos will have been altered to fit your iPod screen and may not be of desired quality when viewed on the computer.


If you own a Mac, life’s quite easy. To transfer photos from your iPod to the computer, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPod to the computer through either an iPod dock or the cable.
  2. Open iTunes. Select iPod in the ‘Source’ pane.
  3. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Select ‘Enable Disk Use’.
  4. Click ‘OK’ and ‘Apply’.
  5. Open iPhoto. It should now easily import photos to your computer from the iPod.

Apart from this, iPod Photo Liberator as well as TouchCopy are other software which can accomplish the mission.

Windows PC

If you have a Windows computer, you’ll find that unlike many other PMPs, Windows does not by default download photos from your iPod. But a number of third party software are available for the purpose.

iPodPhotoCopy, CopyPodPhoto, Tansee iPod Transfer Photo, iPod Photo Liberator and TouchCopy are a few good programs. Most of these programs are quite simple to use; most will recognise your iPod automatically and list all the pictures on your iPod, selecting the pictures you want to transfer from iPod to computer, and clicking the Export button.

Transferring Images from your Computer to your iPod

This is easily accomplished in both Mac or PC using iTunes. the point to note here is that iTunes does not allow to select and transfer groups of photos, but you can Sync them using the options as mentioned below.

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.
  2. Select the iPod icon when it appears in the iTunes window (below devices).
  3. If the Photos pane does not show, click the Photos tab.
  4. Select your photo syncing options.