Tips on How to Choose a Photography Business Name

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What’s In A Name?

Your photography business name - or any business name, for that matter - is one of the most important early decisions you’ll make. Choose a poor name and you’ll steeply reduce income possibilities. Pick the right name, though, and you’ll find more clients and more work.

As you consider your possibilities, keep in mind that your business name should work for numerous marketing activities. The name should look nice and neat on a business card, be easy to pronounce and spell, and translate into a usable website domain name.

Keep it simple. Many photographers use their names to denote their business name. This makes it very easy for potential clients to identify you and also find your online website or portfolio. However, if you have a very common name (e.g. John Smith Photography), your business name will be easily lost in a crowd.

Communicate Clearly

Using your own name is easy, but in a market that’s saturated with similar monikers, it may pay to differentiate your business by picking a more creative name.

Take some time to consider the kind of image you want your business to have. Make a list of words that reflect that image. If you’re focusing on portraits, work that word into your business name. The same concept applies whether you’re targeting architectural, pet, or wedding photography. In other words, be specific. A bride-to-be will likely pass over a business called John Smith’s Fine Art Photos in favor of Wedding Pictures Plus.

The Web’s Importance

Pick a business name that works well on the Web.

For instance, if you choose a name such as 1-2-3 Photo, you’re making things very difficult for your clients. If you tell them your business name, they’ll be confounded when they try to find your web site. Should they insert hyphens into the name? Do they spell out the numbers?

It’s that kind of confusion that will cost you clients. You might even, inadvertently, send them to your competitors.

Check for domain names using services such as before you choose your business name. There are thousands and thousands of photographer websites these days, so it may take a lot of revising until you find an available name that works well as a domain name.