Digital Camera Water Damage - What To Do If Your Camera Gets Wet

Digital Camera Water Damage - What To Do If Your Camera Gets Wet
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Step 1: First thing’s first: Do NOT turn your camera on!

Step 2: Immediately remove the batteries and memory card from the camera.

Step 3: Now it’s entirely up to you which steps you want to take if you get water on or in your camera and I take no responsibility for your actions, but here are some tips and suggestions on what you can try if your camera gets wet:

  • Open all the doors to your camera, place it in a dry and well ventilated area of your house and leave it for a week.

  • Pack your camera in a box filled with rice or silica gel crystals and leave it overnight (or longer, depending on how wet your camera got. I would suggest being patient and letting it sit for a good 3-7 days to be on the safe side).

  • Use a hair dryer on the lowest/coolest setting to gently dry your camera. I came across a forum where a person suggested using compressed air to dry a wet camera. Though I’ve never, thankfully, needed to consider this approach, I can’t see it as being a good one. The way I see it, using compressed air will only move the water around, possibly causing more damage to your camera by pushing water into areas that may not have been wet to begin with. Using a hair dryer, on the other hand, will use a gently approach and actually dry the water, rather than push it around.

  • If all else fails, or if you don’t want to mess around with your camera, take it to a repair shop. Depending on the value of your camera, you might just be better off buying a new one.

  • If you digital camera is wet with salt water, the chances of your camera being resurrected are slim. The salt is highly corrosive and, depending on how wet your camera got, the damages could be beyond repair. In this case, you really have nothing to lose by taking your camera apart, washing/wiping it down with fresh (or distilled) water and a cloth to attempt to remove any salt and then following the suggestions above.

Camera Water Damage - Camera Care Tips

If all your attempts fail and you aren’t willing to take it to the shop, your last resort could be to try new batteries, in case they were trashed by the water, and, though very unlikely, check your camera’s warranty. If you happened to purchase an extended warranty, keep your fingers crossed that you paid extra for accidental damage coverage.

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