Edit & Manage Your Digital Photos with these Top 10 Facebook Apps!

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Facebook Apps that Help You Manage Your Photos

1. [Photo Album Strip](https:// http//www.facebook.com/apps/index.php?q=photo%20tag#/apps/application.php?id=6636931413&b&ref=pd_r) - lets you display any number of existing albums on your Facebook profile. It also allows you to organize albums into custom categories and select various views such as single or multiple columns, with optional pastel background colors, or with small, medium or large cover pictures.

2. [My Flickr](https:// http//www.facebook.com/apps/index.php?q=photo%20tag#/apps/application.php?id=2352557895&b&ref=pd_r) - lets you display photos from your Flickr account to your Facebook profile for your friends to see and comment about them. It allows you to pull Flickr photos by photosets, groups, interestingness, date range, and even Flickr privacy. It even allows you to set whether you want to manually refresh the photos or select automatic refresh.

3. Photos and Slideshows - allows you to create animated slideshows or photo strips of your Facebook photos. It also lets you flip through your friends’ Facebook albums instead of browsing one page after another.

4. Photobooks - a simple Facebook app that lets you create awesome looking photobooks of you and your friends’ photos on Facebook. After creating your photobook, you can then share it with your friends.

5. Scrapblog - If you’re a scrapblogger, then this app must be on one of your top Facebook application. This Facebook app lets you create beautiful multimedia slideshows from your Facebook photos. You can even post your scrapblog as a photo album on your Facebook profile or Wall. Here’s an additional review of Scrapblog.

Facebook Apps That Help you Edit Your Photos

6. Picnik - When it comes to online photo editing, Picnik has got to be among the best featured tools, not only on Facebook but on other photo sharing sites as well. For its Facebook app, Picnik lets you do auto-fix, rotate, crop, resize, exposure, adjust color, sharpen photos and fix red-eye problems. You can also add text with various effects, fonts and shapes. Of course, after enhancing and doing all this fun stuff to your Facebook photos, you can show them off to your Facebook friends.

7. Sketch Me - Want to transform your profile photo into a cool-looking pencil sketch? This Facebook app will help you do that. It’s so easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to do anything but install the app on your Facebook profile and it will automatically convert your profile picture into a pencil sketch.

8. Fotoflexer - This Facebook app lets you edit your photos and images using advanced technology that provides functions similar to paid software. The app lets you do so many things with your Facebook photos. Specifically, it lets you decorate your photos with free shapes, fonts, speech bubbles, create greeting cards, and share photos with friends. As a photo editor, Fotoflexer lets you crop, rotate, draw, resize, correct colors, enhance exposure, fix red-eye, flip, and resize your photos. It also allows you to change your skin color and maintain texture, and even enlarge your muscles or shrink your waist.

9. Picture Mosaic - Of course, there has got to be a photo mosaic maker on our list. What can Picture Mosaic do? Simply turn your photos into mosaics which you can share with your friends or post on your Facebook wall.

10. Photo Collage - There are many photo collage applications on Facebook but this one has the most number of active users. It’s a simple Facebook app that lets you create a photo collage of you and your friends. You can post the photo collage on your wall or share it with your friends.