Extending Flickr's Functionalities: Top 25 Free Flickr Tools & Add-ons

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Flickr Downloaders and Uploaders

Flishr - lets you download, upload, and search photos on Flickr, choose and download the photos to your PC, upload your photos to Flickr efficiently, export a list of selected photos into a XML file, search and download interesting photos to your PC, search and download photos from groups, and make collections of Flickr photos on your PC.

FlickrFaves - lets you download high-resolution copies of your favorite photos in Flickr to your hard drive. You can then use those high-res photos as beautiful wallpapers for your desktop.

FlickrDown - allows you to download photos from Flickr by bulk. It also allows you to search Flickr photos by email address, username or photo tags, then save the results using this tool.

FlickrDownloader - lets you download single, multiple or entire sets of Flickr photos easily.

Slideoo - this easy to use Flickr web tool allows you to create a horizontal slideshow of your Flickr photo sets or photostreams. You just enter your Flickr username, select some customization settings, and then it will generate the necessary codes that will let you embed the horizontal slideshow to your social networking profiles, blogs and other websites where you want to display the slideshow.

Picsviewr - this Flickr web tool lets you turn your photos into visually stimulating presentations. You just enter your Flickr username, select a template to use and then your Flickr presentation is good to go.

FlickrSLiDR - allows you to easily embed the classic Flickr slideshows on your website or blog. Just enter your Flickr URL address, a photoset or group and then the tool will generate the HTML that you can use to embed on your website or blog.

Mosaickr - lets you create beautiful mosaics using your Flickr photos. You can also have your photo mosaic printed for a fee.

Gickr - this Flickr add-on lets you create animated GIFs online for free. Just grab your photos from Flickr, create funny flashy slideshows, cartoons, previews, banners, and more. You can also post the animated GIFs to MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, and more.

Slideshowr - is a Flash-based full-screen Flickr photo slideshow. It gets the latest photos from a user-specified photostream. This tool allows you to display your latest photos, keep up with friends or even just watch random photos from Flickr.

Flickr Firefox Extensions

Fireflix - a Firefox sidebar extension that lets you upload photos directly to your Flickr account.

FlickrFox - lets you browse Flickr photostream through the Firefox sidebar. Also lets you manage groups, search tags, and keep up-to-date with your Flickr contacts.

Cooliris - formerly known as PicLens, this Firefox extension lets you create a cover-flow like a slideshow of your Flickr photos. It supports other photo uploading sites as well.

Uploader for Flickr - another Flickr uploader alternative that sits on your Firefox installation as a plugin.

Fotofox - lets you upload photos to Flickr after selecting, tagging and assigning title to these photos on from your PC. Also works with other photo sharing sites.

Flickr Web Tools

Chasr - allows you to display your photos from Flickr using a server script that you need to install on your server.

Flickr Color Selectr - a fun little Flickr tool that lets you search for photos on Flickr by their predominant color.

FlickrLilli - an alternative Flickr search interface with options to search for Flickr images using keywords and intended usages. This tool was built by Ruby on Rails.

flickrSliDR - lets you generate codes for embedding the classic Flickr slideshows on your blogs or other websites. You just need to enter the URL address of the Flickr user or a Flickr photo set or group. The web tool will generate the HTML codes for you.

Travelr - a photo gallery view that you can use on your website or blog. It allows you to display your Flickr photos by their geographic location on the world map.

Fun Flickr Tools

Bubbler - a fun tool that lets you add cartoon bubbles to any photos on Flickr. Just search for the photos using tags or username and once you find the right photo, just drag the bubble on the photos and enter the text you want to display and your Flickr photo with bubbles is good to publish.

Flickr Font - lets you turn text elements into fun and exciting graphics using photos from Flickr. This tool lets you generate your own FlickrFont text or cut and paste some code into your pages to convert any text to images.

Flickr Logo Maker - a simply web tool that lets you create Flickr-like logos. Just enter the text and click on the “make” button. You can then download the logo to your PC.

[Flash Gallery](https:// http//www.flash-gallery.org/) - lets you create slideshows on your website in a snap without needing to learn any programming skills. You just need to embed the code to your website, and it will generate the script that will form the slideshow using specified folder or your Flickr photostream.

Flickeur - this tool retrieves Flickr images to create an infinite film with a style that can vary between stream-of-consciousness, documentary, or video clip. It assigns blends, motions, zooms and time-lapse to the Flickr photos randomly.