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From free photo editing software to affordable options - like Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements – to the pricier Photoshop; chances are that you own at least one of these. Despite the several features these programs provide a user, sometimes they just don’t offer exactly what you’re looking for. For example, perhaps you want to crop and enlarge a photo and when you do it with your existing software, it just doesn’t perform quite as well as you wish it would. This is where third-party plugins can help, such as AKVIS. Designed specifically to do one job, and do it well, plugins can give your current photo editing software a facelift. If your existing photo editing program doesn’t support AKVIS plugins, you can also purchase their software as a standalone product.

Bright Hub has published unbiased reviews of all of AKVIS products, so you can get the lowdown on what each has to offer and what it doesn’t. Find out how AKVIS products perform, how user friendly they are, how well of a job they do and an opinion on whether or not they’re worth their cost. Before you go spending your hard earned money on another program, find out first if AKVIS products will meet your photo editing needs.


AKVIS ArtWork allows you to take your digital photos and turn them into paintings and comics. However, there’s a lot of competition in this market. Is ArtWork worth the money? Does this program offer features that others of its kind don’t? Read the review to find out more.

AKVIS Chameleon

Perhaps their best product, AKVIS Chameleon gets a 5 star rating. Our reviewer, Michele McDonough says, “With AKVIS Chameleon, you can take pieces of several digital photographs and combine them together to form one final image. This tool also allows you to extract an object from one photo and insert it seamlessly into another.” So, what does Chameleon have to offer over other photo editing software, and what makes the program deserving of 5 stars? Read the review to find out!

AKVIS Coloriage

We all know that it’s fairly simple to make a color photo black and white. Changing a black and white photo to color, on the other hand, can be rather difficult if you want the image to look realistic. AKVIS Coloriage makes this an easy task. Additionally, like all other AKVIS products, Coloriage is easy to install, simple to use and performs most excellently.

AKVIS Enhancer

With an overall 4 out of 5 star rating, AKVIS Enhancer is easy to use and competitively priced. Enhancer provides you with the tools you need to fix many digital photo errors, including common exposure problems.

AKVIS LightShop

Described as being fun and versatile, AKVIS LightShop offers 70 default presets that you can use to enhance your digital photos. Additionally, LightShop allows you to customize and create your own effects. Read out review to find out what other features LightShop offers, to see sample images of LightShop in action and to find out how much this product will set you back and whether or not it’s worth the price (hint: the cost of LightShop is NOT something to brag about).

AKVIS Magnifier

We all have digital photos that we wish we got a little closer to the action before taking the shot. Most of us, too, have digital images in storage that we took with a low megapixel camera (back in the day when a 5 MP digital camera could cost over $600). How many of you have attempted to enlarge these photos with photo editing software, or crop a specific subject from the image to create a new one? Alas, the results we far form fantastic. The digital photos become grainy, or pixelated. The subject you tried to crop and enlarge suddenly appears to look like a computer graphic taken from a video game of the 80’s – but worse! As far as resizing goes, AKVIS Magnifier works better then popular photo editing programs, such as Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro Photo, impressively enlarging your digital photos up to a whopping 2000%! Magnifier also comes with some useful bonus features you wouldn’t expect to find in this sort of program.

AKVIS Noise Buster

Though it may not be your best option if your photos contain major noise issues, AKVIS Noise Buster does a good job at reducing/eliminating common and minor image noise problems. This program is easy to use and offers several features that a lot of users will find helpful.

AKVIS Retoucher

As the name implies, AKVIS Retoucher provides you with the tools you need to retouch and restore old photographs. This product is capable of removing scratches, flaws, date stamps, stains, tears, you name it. So then, why does Retoucher only receive an overall 4 out of 5 star rating?

AKVIS Sketch

If you’re great with a camera, but struggle to draw stickmen, AKVIS Sketch can turn your digital images into sketches and watercolors. With Sketch, you can also add text to your images. Read our review to find out what other features Sketch has to offer and whether it’s worth the price tag attached.

AKVIS SmartMask

Another 5 star rating, AKVIS SmartMask provides an easy way for digital photographers to remove unwanted objects from a photo. Read out review to find out more about SmartMask’s features, including sample images of the product in action.


Uh-oh. Why when most other AKVIS products are receiving high star ratings, does AKVIS Stamp get only an overall 2 out of 5 stars? Stamp is a cloning tool, which allows users to clone areas of their digital photos and remove objects. This program can also help the user remove photo blemishes and other image flaws. Find out why AKVIS Stamp gets a thumbs down by Bright Hub.