Benefits of Joining Editorial Photographers (EP)

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Introduction to EP & Membership Fees

Editorial Photographers (EP) is more of a subscription service than a large professional organization with dozens of events, discounts, and health insurance benefits, but is still a worthwhile investment for most photography students, photographic assistants, and professional photographers. Membership costs $25 a year for students and assistants, while professionals pay $50 a year. Payment is accepted through PayPal in an effort to help cut the costs of running this non-profit association, which was founded in 1999.

Professional Benefits of EP Membership

One of the biggest benefits of membership in Editorial Photographers could also prove as a drawback for some members. The organization offers a “Find a Photographer” directory which enables photographers, assigning editors and other clients to find each other. Members eligible to be listed in this search engine also get to post part of their portfolio, which can prove helpful in landing additional jobs. However, those who are students and assistants cannot be listed in the directory or place a sample of their portfolio online, which is a significant drawback for those not eligible for professional-level membership.

Additional Benefits to Editorial Photographers

All members of Editorial Photographers do get to access EP Forums and read a large variety of premium content articles, which can help people learn more about photography tips and tricks as well as the general photographic industry.


Students and assistants strapped for cash will probably not want to spend $25 to join Editorial Photographers, because they are basically paying for message board use and article reading. It is unclear what premium content is offered to members, so those needing money more than articles and message board posting will probably not want to join. Professionals should consider joining Editorial Photographers without hesitation, because the Find a Photographer directory can easily pay for the $50 membership fee. A caveat for all members is that PayPal automatically rebills the membership fee each year, so someone who just wants to try Editorial Photographers out for a year should remember to cancel their membership in advance to avoid paying for a second year of service.