American Society of Media Photographers Membership - The Benefits of Joining

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American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) is a professional organization originally founded in 1944. It helps photographers protect their rights in cases of exploitation or copyright infringement, facilitate friendships and professional relationships among working photographers, and also educate and apply the best professional ethics and standards. Joining ASMP is especially beneficial to any photographer who works primarily for print publication purposes, whether newspapers or magazines.

ASMP Membership Fees

Membership in this photography society is open to students, new photographers, experienced photographers, and supporters. Membership fees range from $60 to $335, though the ASMP board of directors does have the discretion to award occasional scholarships. Some services, like conferences and the Find a Photographer database, do have an additional fee. Those wishing to be added to the database for publications seeking photographers pay an additional $50 for that segment of ASMP membership.

Professional Benefits

One of the biggest potential benefits of joining ASMP is the Find a Photographer database, though it does hold the additional charge for those who want to have photo samples on the site. All general members, however, are listed for free. There is also a stock image gallery for photographers to sell their work at the prices and licensing rights they choose. Members can also participate in activities of local ASMP chapters, which can be especially helpful for in-person networking in the industry. There are also national seminars, free newsletters, and discounts on professional books offered.

Personal Benefits

Joining ASMP makes members eligible for health insurance, even if they are self-employed or working part-time as media photographer. Family members can also be added to a healthcare plan. In addition, ASMP members get discounts on Alamo, Avis, and Hertz rental cars and a variety of software that could be used for personal or professional needs. Other available discounts include DHL, FedEx, Office Depot, and DogBark web hosting.