How to Rename Your Digital Photos in 4 Easy Steps - Photo Tagging Made Easy

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How many photos do you have that are labelled with nothing but numbers? It makes it hard to identify them, doesn’t it? Even if you’ve remembered to tag the folder with a name before transferring your pictures from your digital camera to your computer, depending on which operating system you’re running, those images within the folder will only be known as a number. Even though a folder has a name and you know where the photos were taken, as soon as an image is moved from its original location (including copies) the photo suddenly becomes a “Jane Doe”. I can think of many instances where friends and family have emailed me photos that only have numbers for names, making me wonder where and when the photo was taken, or even who the photo is of!

It is also a monotonous job renaming all those photos one at a time, especially if you’ve just transferred hundreds of photos. The following is a quick-fix that will give your photos the name they deserve:

Your selected photos now have a name and sequential number. It’s that simple and also works to rename videos you’ve transferred from your digital camera to your computer!

  1. Open the folder that contains the photos.
  2. Select the photos you wish to rename. This can be done a few ways. If you want to rename all the photos within the folder, simply click on a photo and press the Ctrl key and the A key together – this will select all of the photos. If you want to rename a batch of photos within the folder, click on the first photo to be renamed, and while holding down the Shift key click on the last photo. If you want to rename various photos that aren’t grouped together, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the images you wish to rename.
  3. Once you’ve selected your photos, right-click on the first photo. This action will present you with a drop-down menu. Select Rename.
  4. Type the name that you’d like your group of photos to be called and press Enter.