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What is JPG Magazine?

JPG Magazine is a community of photographers who submit their work for publication in a magazine that is published every two months. There are dozens of Themes and Challenges that are open for submission, but only three of the Themes and a handful of the results of the Challenges make it into each issue.

Submit Photographs

Members vary from beginners to professional photographers and the site allows each photographer to submit up to 10 of their best works each day. Submissions can be added to any of the Themes or Challenges that are open for submission, or they are added just to show off their work. Members can also write stories where they combine their submissions to compose entries such as an essay, how-to guide, or an interview amongst other topics.

Get Published

The chosen Themes are opened up to users to vote on submissions they believe are a good fit for the chosen Theme. These votes, along with feedback given by other users (in the form of comments) and selecting the photograph as a “Favorite” will make the photograph “hot”. This helps the editors whittle down the submissions to what will be put in print. Photographers who get their photographs published will receive $100 for their work and a subscription to the magazine.

Browse the Submissions

All of the photos that are submitted to JPG show up in chronological order under the Photos page. This allows users to browse the submissions, whether they are for a Theme, Challenge, or just to be shared. When browsing any of the photographs on the site, users are able to comment on the submission, add it to their collection of Favorites, or check out the profile page of the photographer who captured the image.

Make Contacts

When browsing the profile of another photographer, users can view all of the works that have been submitted and, if it is desired, can make the photographer a Contact. By adding the photographer as a contact, when browsing the Photos page, a filter can be clicked to show “Photos from Contacts” so that the most recent works of their favorite photographers are shown.

Whether browsing the submissions or receiving comments on you work, JPG is a great place to get some feedback, spark some creativity, be inspired, or even get motivated.