A Gallery of The Best Candid Photos Ever

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Too Funny

By focusing the camera on this little boy, the photographer accentuates and captures his infectious laugh, and the expression on his face. The background is blurred to put more emphasis and attention on his face. Even though this is a great background, it wouldn’t have made this picture as spectacular and professional looking if it were clearer.

Tip - Blurred backgrounds can be achieved by adjusting the aperture setting on your digital camera to Priority Mode, standing at a distance, and zooming-in on your subject. Increasing the distance between the background and subject, while at the same time keeping your subject relatively close to you, is another tactic one can use.

Lost In The Moment

People who are passionate about a craft make some of the best subjects for candid photos, as displayed here with this dancer in a street parade. This is a terrific exhibit of dance in motion, and a face lost in the moment of desire. The backdrop with women in costume and city buildings tells a story, and speaks to its audience.

Living In A Glass House

This photographer was lucky to stumble upon this rare moment in nature; this photo is absolutely intriguing. The concept creates mystery, and allows viewers to question its manifestation. The clarity and angle of this shot fully showcases the creature’s physical characteristics, while the surrounding mass of sand brings authenticity to a likely habitat.


By focusing on these three ladies at close range, the photographer captures their facial expressions in a sincere moment of cheerfulness, and at the same time brings attention to their attire and cultural ensemble. With simple blurring effects, plus the right coordination and distancing, this photo conveys simplicity with an enchanting appeal.

Get Off Me

Increasing the shutter speed of your digital camera can capture quick movements as they occur in sharp, crisp form - similar to what is shown here as this Beagle pup shakes off some unwanted wetness. By using fast shutter speed, the photographer eliminated distortion and a smudged looking dog to clearly capture its expression and involuntary motion. Secondary are the water droplets created, and the up-heave of sand clumps.

Beach Walk

At sundown, there is an adequate amount of illumination combined with dimness to create shadowed and silhouette photography. With just the right amount of light in the background, this photo captures this little boy’s appearance but creates a shadowed effect that masks distinctive features, even though the photo was taken up close.

Taking A Swim

As these two emerged from the body of water, the photographer managed to capture a clear view of their expressions and the true character of the water as it is trickling down from their faces, hair and bodies. This is especially tricky to do on a gloomy day. To further complicate, the photographer had to time their movement perfectly, and keep the camera steady despite being in the water too.


This amazing photo was achieved by zooming-in on this Seagull from a distance and quickening the shutter speed on the camera. Also contributing to the overall appeal of this photo is the posture of the bird and its position. With the bird on one side of the frame, the photographer is able to showcase the blue expanse of the ocean.

I’m So Thirsty

Here is a basic shot, pure from tweaking and other types of enhancements. It basically displays a real and funny moment in time. This makes a great candid photo simply from the humor surrounding it - where this little girl’s intent need to quench her thirst is compromised since she is far beyond her means of reaching the water dispenser.

Owl In Flight

This is a spectacular shot, which has a lot to do with being in the right place and snapping at the right time. See how the photographer gets this owl in flight with the wings straight and fully extended while it approaches the camera almost head-on? The photo focuses on what’s in the forefront, and blurs the background to camouflage the activity taking place behind. This would, at some point, distract viewers from the owl.

Walking the Kora

An unsuspecting photo captures these two ladies walking along a narrow dirt road. The portrait display creates the perfect border to encapsulate the full length of the women and the movement of their feet as they walk. It also provides an adequate view of their journey’s path ahead.

Red-Legged Sereimas

Getting animals in unusual scenarios such as this is always a delight! Who thought a Red-Legged Seriemas’ mouth could open this wide? It sure does look like he is having a serious word with his friend in the back - the one who seems to be all ears. This photo certainly tells a story, which makes it one of the best candid photos ever.

Village Children

Here these two boys pose for a picture, but get caught off guard, as one is distracted and the other seems to be in the midst of preparing himself for his shoot. This portrayal of unfussiness, along with the village themed environment, makes this picture pleasant and captivating all at the same time.

Tabby Cat

Cats are easy to photograph, simply because they can bend and position themselves into multiple, adorable poses. More than often, cats are also unaffected by the camera, so they give photographers the opportunity to adjust and rotate camera angles. Here, this photo blurs not only the background, but also the hind area of the cat. This allows viewers to narrow in on the cat’s head, eyes, front paws and even the grass directly below its head.

Eagle Landing

Talk about an amazing shot! Once you’re about to capture something as phenomenal as an eagle about to perch atop someone’s hand, taking photos is that much easier. As always, blurring the background is a great way to bring your picture alive and showcase the main subject as displayed here.

Bubble Baby

Kids make for great photos, and this extraordinary bubble certainly spruces up the shot. Taking this spectacular picture was quite easy. The simple mechanics and automatic functions on your digital camera can help you to capture clear details of the moment. Getting the colors of the rainbow in this giant size bubble is courtesy of a clear and somewhat bright day. There was no flash required.

I Won’t Bite

It’s great when you can get a shot of animals in their element. This is especially true when they are interacting with each other in their own manner and language. Who knows exactly what gesture is being displayed here, but it sure makes a great photo! The result is that the viewer is left to develop their own take on what and why this horse is eagerly clenching his teeth away on the back of his friend.

A Walk on The Beach

Notice how the terrific expanse of the beach, with surrounding trees and shrubbery, really sizes-down the girl and dog in this photo. It certainly gives viewers an idea of how extraordinary the environment is, and leaves them with the feel of wanting to go to the beach. While this was an easy shot, the photo’s alluring appeal is compliments of the charismatic setting.

Venetian Pigeon

This beautiful picture captures a Venetian pigeon taking a bite from someone’s hand. The photographer caught a great angle of the bird with the wings extended to show the envelopes of feathers underneath. Even though the background in blurred, the colors certainly give the overall picture a terrific pop.

Sand Castle

Black and white images are timeless in more ways than you can imagine, and this one is no exception. There is no telling at what time of day or how long ago this picture was taken. A photo such as this also allows you to focus on the target a little more, as opposed to if it were a colored photo. This is because black and white photos tend to take away some of the charisma of things - especially in the background.

Kittens On A Roof

From the looks of it, this photo was snapped just in time! It catches these two little kittens right in their tracks during one of their escapades. It also shows their cunningness and acute sense of curiosity for the elements around - especially the camera.

Hands That Do Dishes

What makes this photo interesting is that it captures an activity many people don’t pay much attention to or even think to photograph. It was taken at a precise moment, to show exactly what is being done. At another angle, in another position, viewers may not have been able to recognize what this picture is showing.

Labrador Puppy

Here is an adorable black Labrador puppy being cute as can be as he tries to pull the lace from this person’s shoe. This is a basic shot, simply capturing a fun, relaxing moment. Some of the best types of photography are candid shots that capture moments like this.

Bantu Dancing

Sometimes taking a simple photo without any tweaking lets you see or imagine exactly how things are happening when the shot was taken. This photo shows a bit of distortion around the hands and feet, especially on the girl in the center. This tells you that she would have had to be moving very quickly during this session of Bantu dancing.

A Playful Tango

This is a great candid photo showing one of the signature playful behaviors of man’s best friend. This, along with the rustic background and water based environs, delivers an artistic and exciting photo. This picture was taken with engaging a fast shutter speed to capture the swift movement of the dogs while they play and splash in the water.

Walk From the Lighthouse

Adjusting your camera to snap black and white photos adds an artistic touch. Further enhancing the image with blurring effects creates a professional looking shot, as demonstrated here. This is a great scenario with the lighthouse in the back and a woman walking away on a narrow, stone track under luminescent sunlight. It connects and pulls viewers in.

Everyone’s Cracking Up

What’s better than a room full of people bursting out in uncontrollable laughing? This terrific candid shot showcases different facial expressions as they share a common, heartfelt laugh. It is a simple shot, with a standard automatic flash. Even though it reflects ample light off everyone in the photo, the flash has caused a bit of red-eye effect on a few faces. Nonetheless, it’s a great shot that makes you just want to laugh too.

Cooling Off

The poor resolution and exposure of this photo tells its age, and the baby displayed here could be well in his 40’s now from the looks of it. This doesn’t take away from the innocence and simplicity exuded here, as the child looks away seamlessly during a relaxing shower at this street fountain. A truly gripping candid shot.