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What’s on Her Mind?

Choosing a different angle has added an extra dimension to this portrait of the bride. Just the face in focus and her eyes questioningly staring into the camera – one is just left to think ‘what’s on her mind?’

Sunbathed Bride

Outdoor wedding portraits offer great backgrounds, and definitely more lively backgrounds than you can create in a studio. What’s most lovely about this photo is the soft orange glow the setting sun has added to the bride’s skin.

A Shy Bride

‘She is happy, She is shy’ – those are the kind of emotions a bride has just before the wedding, and the photographer has beautifully captured these mixed feelings in this photo.

Ecstatic Bride

‘Ecstasy’; that’s the feeling this photograph captures and conveys. The bride dressed in a delicate wedding gown leaning against a rough stone wall – what a way to exhibit the ecstatic feeling of the bride.

Playful Bride

A bride riding a bicycle? Well, that’s unusual! It’s a lovely experiment by the photographer and it really works.

Portrait of a Bride

You don’t always need a studio setting to take some great portraits, as in this example. The leaves offer a lovely backdrop, while still not stealing away the attention from the bride.

Filtered Light

Can’t find a good location to take a portrait of the bride? Our photographer doesn’t seem to have that problem. Look at how he has used the tree as an integral part of the frame, with the bride wrapping her arm around the branch. The sunlight filtering through the leaves has greatly helped to preserve the natural skin tone, while still providing ample light for the scene.

Bride with Her Bridesmaid

The bride shares a moment with her bridesmaid before the wedding – that’s one photo every bride would love to have in her album. The grey background makes the eyes stay just on the two of them.

The Wedding Kiss

The wedding kiss sure deserves a full page photo in the wedding album, but this one where the couple is just about to kiss is surely worth adding to the album, as well. The excitement and anticipation of the kiss is clearly evident from the couples’ expressions, and it stays there just for a few seconds before the kiss. You need to be really quick to capture this wonderful moment.

A Retro Touch

If you have to make the bride and groom pose for a photograph, then why stick to the conventional poses? Try something new or maybe something ‘old’. The setting has a retro appeal to it – the bride and groom admiring each other leaning against a tree. You don’t always have to make the couple hug and cuddle to show how romantically inclined they are towards each other. In this photo they’re not even touching each other, but the way they’re looking into each other’s eyes brings their romantic story to life.

Sweet Nothings

He whispered something into her ear that made her smile. There will be many such private moments the couple will have during the wedding ceremony or during the reception, and if you manage to capture even one - you’ve done a great job.

Dancing Together

That’s a lovely moment to capture – the wedding couple lost in each other’s arms and dancing in oblivion. Shooting from a different angle the photographer has been able to add a lovely blue sky as the background.

Private Moments

Catch them when they sneak out! The bride and the groom may step aside to have a private moment during the reception; be on the prowl to shoot (capture) them unaware.


Romance, happiness and the desire to be with each other should be reflected in all the portraits of the wedding couple. It’s the emotions which matter the most in wedding photography – keep that in mind.

Step Out

‘We’re wildly in love with each other’ – how better can you say it than this scene staged in the wilderness.

We’re One

Doesn’t this close up cry out loud ‘we’re one’?

In the Spotlight

That’s a lovely portrait – just look at how smartly the photographer has used the sunlight to lighten up the couple while the background stays darker. Who needs studio lighting?

You’re Beautiful

This type of a setting always works – the bride looks straight into the camera while the groom admires her. You’re sure to find this type of a pose in every other wedding album and it still works.


The passion in this photograph is evident, but the use of sepia tones adds in an extra bit of passion. Play with black & whites and sepia to make some stunning wedding portraits.

I Love the Ring

‘Look how beautiful the wedding ring looks on my hand?’ – The bride. This is again one of those private moments which the couple would love to see in their wedding album.

Fun Moments

More than staged poses, candid shots of the couple as they have fun with each other is what the photographer should aim for.

Just Married

When the couple walks out of the church after the wedding their expression is priceless. Don’t miss it!

Road Ahead

What can you say about this one? The road ahead or goodbye to the past.

A New Life

That’s a perfect shot for the back cover of the wedding album. Ripe wheat is symbolic of prosperity and this photo goes a long way to wish the married couple a prosperous married life. But you can’t always be lucky to find a ripe wheat field, so push your imagination to find some other setting as lovely as this.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Here’s another beautiful shot for the back cover. Observe that in both this one and the previous one, the rule of thirds has been used to create a captivating photo. Doesn’t this photograph shout ‘…and they lived happily ever after.’

Hope this image gallery on wedding photography has inspired you to take more captivating photos of weddings.


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