Learn About Using the Cloud to Edit Photos

Learn About Using the Cloud to Edit Photos
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Editing with the Cloud

Cloud computing allows you to access programs or files from any computer, laptop or tablet. The programs are held on, and controlled by, a remote cloud server. You don’t need to download a program to your computer. Instead, you simply access the program online, which saves you space on your own computer. This also allows you to access the program from any device.

Cloud programs allow you to do a multiple tasks. You can also go about using the cloud to edit photos and images. You have plenty of different options for programs. If you own Windows 7, you may already have a cloud program built into your computer. It is part of the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

One of the big selling points of this program is that you can switch out the faces of different people in group photos. For example, if you take several different photographs of the same group, you may have different photographs where someone looks better in one photograph, but the rest of the group looks better in another.

You can change out the face of the one person using Windows Live Photo Gallery. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Open up the photo gallery, and select the photos that you want to use. Pick the photo in which you need to change out the person or his face, and also select the photo with the subject that you want to use in the original photograph.
  2. Select Create, which is located near the top of the page.
  3. Finally, select the Photo Fuse option.

Windows Live Gallery will now switch out the subjects in the two images.


If you want to perform standard edits, then you should try one of the free online programs like Picnik or Photobucket. You don’t need to create a profile with Picnik, but you do need to create a free online profile with Photobucket.

Both programs are very easy to use. Picnik is extremely useful for quick edits. On the main screen, you’ll see the Get started now button. Click on this button, and then upload your photo. This program can take a few minutes to upload your image so give it a few minutes.

Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll see buttons for Auto-fix, Crop, Resize, Exposure, etc. The Auto-fix button applies standard adjustments to your images, including fixing contrast, shadows and highlights. The program also has a Red-Eye button for correcting red eye issues.

After you apply simple edits to your photographs, click on the Create tab if you want to add items like clip art, effects or stickers. For example, in the Effects tab, you can select the Black and White filter, which converts your image into black and white. You can tweak the effect with the amount sliders for the Brush Size, Brush Hardness and Brush Strength.

Other filters include Matte, Vignette, Soften and Boost. You also have the option of adding touch up to images, including adding blush to a subject or fixing a blemish. While most of these effects are free, certain ones are only available if you upgrade to the premium version of Picnik.

Once you are done, click on the Save and Share tab. Here you can upload your image to Flickr, Twitter or Picasa. You can also save the image to your computer.


Photobucket allows you to perform a few more advanced edits. You can even batch upload images to your account. To do this, select Add Pictures, and select the number of photographs that you want to upload.

Click on the browse button, which is next to the Image box. Find the image that you want to upload, and then do this for the rest of the images. You can add these images to your main folder, or you can create a Sub Album. Just give the Sub Album a name, and select Create.

You can share both main and sub albums with Photobucket. Select the Share an Album option, and then pick the websites on which you want to share your album. These sites include Facebook and MySpace.

You can adjust your images similar to how you tweaked them in Picnik. Photobucket also allows you to create slideshows from your images. To do this, select Create Slideshow, which is located near the top of the page. Pick the photographs that you want to use in your slideshow and select a style for your slideshow.

You know now about different programs, which allow you to go about using the cloud to edit photos. If none of these programs work for you, you can always search the web for more cloud photo editing programs, but the programs listed here are some of the best available.



Image and Article Source: Picnik

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