Learn How to Create Alphabet Photography

Learn How to Create Alphabet Photography
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Easy as ABC

Alphabet photography involves taking photographs of existing or created objects to create a word. For example, you could create the word Paris using the Eiffel Tower as your letter A.

This type of photography is very creative and fun to do. It doesn’t matter what you use to create your letters, but the more creative you get, the more interesting the shot is. While you can simply put together a series of alphabet blocks to create your shot, you may have more fun finding a curved blade of glass that looks like a C.

Easy A

Of course, there are easier ways to getting alphabet pictures than simply taking them yourself. The lazy way to create alphabet photography is to use stock photography. Sites like Alphabet Photography Inc. allow you to input a word into their search box, and then hit Create a Word. The website will search its database of over 1,000 alphabet pictures. It then puts together a series of letter art to create your selected word.

Be Adventurous

If you are more adventurous, then grab your camera, and go for a stroll. You can see letters in nearly anything. The goal is to find real objects that really look like a letter. A popular example is to use the center frame and a section of a stained glass window to create an A. Other photographers use the foam of the sea.

As the tides rush ashore, the foam gets caught on the beach, producing different shapes. Oftentimes, these shapes look exactly like letters. If that doesn’t work, then find shells, which also come in different shapes and sizes.

Don’t just look at items straight on. Turn your camera on its side or upside down, and take the shot. Really examine the world around you. While it may not look like a B from one angle, an entranceway may make the letter if your camera is turned to the side. The whole point of this photography is to get creative so be sure to have a lot of fun while you are working.

Alphabet Soup

If you want a real challenge, take your can of alphabet soup, and gather up the letters that you want to string together to make your word. You, however, also want to keep the other letters in the shot, preferably near the fringes. This means that you can’t shake the table a lot while you

Letter A

are taking your shot.

A white bowl works great against the tomato color of the soup. Also, have a neutral background for the bowl, maybe black or a checkered red and white tablecloth to create a homey feel. Take your shots as quickly as possible as the alphabets in the soup are going to quickly want to move on.

Finishing Touches

Once you are done taking and manipulating your shots, you can put them together to create a collage-like look. You can use a software program to cut around the different items and string them together within a single canvas.

A more interesting look, however, is to keep the images on their respective canvases. Then use a larger canvas and arrange the images on this canvas so that they make the word. You don’t, however, have to keep them in a straight line. Curve the images, or make a jagged or zigzag line out of the images. The more creative that you can get the better the image is going to look. Just remember that your audience still has to be able to read the word so don’t get so creative that the meaning is lost to others.

If the images are quite different, consider changing your images into black and white. Where a landscape image might clash with a cityscape in color, they’ll look perfectly natural together if you convert the images into monochrome. You can also add a filter to the entire canvas to ensure that the images flow into one another.

Look at the edges of the image, and consider feathering extremely harsh images. This will ensure that the photographs easily blend together. Think about your background. Will your images look better with just a plain background, or could you add another photograph with scenery or people to enhance the overall effect?

Alphabet photography is fun and very rewarding. You’ll start seeing letters in everything after a little while, so always have your camera with you. Many photographers have converted this type of photography into lucrative businesses, especially at street fairs or events. Event-goers often like picking up souvenirs with their names on them. This type of photography offers you a great opportunity to turn your passion into a full-time business.


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