Digital Photography Tips & Techniques: Fun Photography Shots

Digital Photography Tips & Techniques: Fun Photography Shots
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Going Beyond the Norm

Generally, we all know how to take standard pictures, but sometimes this gets boring. That’s where fun photography comes into play. This type of photography involves a lot of experimentation and even a few props.

Creating Miniatures

You can make the subject of your photographs look like miniatures using a combination overhead shot and lens or software. Basically, you manipulate the perspective to create a very shallow field depth, and certain objects in the center of the image are in very sharp focus.

You can create this effect by using either a perspective control or tilt-shift lens, which changes the axis of either your film or camera sensor. For example, if you want to make planes very small, then you focus on the planes and keep the rest of the image blurry. You also need to shoot from above, creating a downward angle.

If you already have an overhead photo, then you can use software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to create this effect.

Light Graffiti

Light gr

Light Graffiti

affiti involves creating light drawings that only your camera can pick up. While this technique seems tricky, it’s actually quite easy to learn. You just need several light sources, a digital camera and a tripod. The trickiest part of it is controlling your camera’s shutter speed.

Always experiment with the shutter speed while you are taking the pictures and look at each picture before moving on to the next shot to ensure that it’s right. Also, check your exposure. For example, if you are taking pictures during the day, you may get overly bright images. So, take a few practice shots and manipulate your exposure as needed.


If you have a lot of records hanging around your home, then sleeveface photography is the project for you. This involves placing an album cover over somebody’s head, but leaving the rest of the person’s body in the shot. But, the trick is to make sure that the exposed body parts actually look like an extension of the album cover.

The key to this photography is finding clothing that most closely matches what the person in the album cover is wearing. Then, you must perfectly align the body parts with the album cover. Try to find a model with the same body type as the person on the album. If you can’t find the exact color shirt or accessories, consider shooting in black and white instead of color.

Try to keep the person holding the album as much out of the frame as possible. A few fingers and maybe a palm should be it. And, don’t have anything distracting in the background.

Water Splashes

Water splashes make for a cool photograph, but you need to do a bit a preparation for these shots. You generally cannot use your flash with this type of photography since it will reflect off the glass bowl and the water. So, you need natural lighting or a lot of lamps. Always use a clear glass bowl, and try adding food coloring to your water if you want more color in the scene.

Water Splashes

Set up your camera on a tripod, and set it to the Action setting. Try to keep the camera level with the upward splash of the water. Use something like an eye dropper, and experiment with the water before taking the picture. See how far the water comes out of the bowl, and then adjust your tripod accordingly.


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