Human Figure Photography Creative Artistic Poses

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In a country where woman are clothed from head to toe, nothing is more erotic than seeing a slip of ankle as the dress is blown up by the wind. It is the guilty pleasure of seeing something taboo, something private and intimate of the person that creates the stir inside. And that is what human figure photography encompasses. Figure photography showcases the human figure in all its different shapes and forms. It is not nude photographs of the human figure, although that is part of it; it is about capturing the intimate moments of the body with the camera. Learn the art of human figure photography and poses for couples, male, female, illusions, and semi and nude photographs.

Couple Poses

Capture the interplay between the two human figures. Photograph a man assisting a woman out of a body of water. Spray the upper half of her body until the clothes push against her skin and reveal the curves of her breast. Center the picture on the strong muscular arm of the man against the soft gentle slope of the breast as you focus on the two distinct textures.

Take a 45 degree angled picture of the hard, six-pack abdomen of a young man. Frame the abs with an open shirt, but cover the lower half of his body by the position of his woman in a sheer robe undoing his last button.Move around the two human figures photographing the tension, capturing the look of yearning in her eyes.

Photograph the human body as you shoot a picture of the upper half of an undressed couple just as the woman walks into his embrace. Position his arm to hide her breasts from view and pose it with just enough space between them to create a sensuous tension.Change the angle of the shots as you capture the different movements of the hands.

Large Human Figure Poses in Black and White

Choose poses that emphasize the human figure. Photography in black and white allows you to photograph the sex appeal of a larger figure, yet minimize her size as the body fades into the black drape. Angle the camera down as you shoot from above a seated or reclining larger woman. Have her tilt her head up to tighten the skin of the chin and arch her back to emphasize her breasts as she clasps a shawl falling off her shoulders.Catch the shot successively as the shawl slowly falls.

Emphasize her breasts and show off the small of her back as you drape her lower body. Carry the drape around the sides, under propped arms, up to the tips of the breast as she lies on her stomach. Have her look up at you and dangle a spiked shoe off of one foot. Move around as you capture her face and the dangling shoe. Take shots of her face and have her play with the drape in front as you find the best angle for your human figure photography.

Male Figure Photography

Male human figure photography is becoming more popular. You could photograph his human body with the classic towel wrapped around the waist or take a shirtless dress pant shot.But a better and more original shot includes shooting a side shot of his abs as he dries off with the towel. Concentate your photograph on his arm muscles and tight abdomen. Shoot from the back angle and capture the back, arm and abdomen in one shot.

Be creative and zoom in for a frontal shot showcasing a strong male chin, piercing eyes and defined upper arms (raised over his head).

Convey his nudity with a side shot of him stretching forward. Place the leg closest to the camera on a step to showcase the taut leg and powerful thigh muscles, but hiding his intimate part. This male pose reveals nothing, but hints of the erotic male figure. Move around the body taking photographs to see how far you can go without actually showing anything.

Art of Illusion-Human Figure Photography

Give the appearance of nudity as you trick the eye. Shoot body sections of the human figure. One c;assic human figure photograph involves a woman in a bubble bath with an extended leg. Vary this shot as you photograph a leg daintily arranged exiting a hot steamy shower. Keep the majority of the body in the shower covered by steam, so the reader “sees” a silhouette. This same silhouette can be achieved outdoors in fading light.

Shoot a picture of a female carrying a surfboard into the sunset. Shoot at a 45 degree angle and place the board to cover her private areas, but show her bare arms, legs and upper back giving the appearance of a nude.

The classic shot is a woman seated at her dressing table mirror brushing her hair with the middle of her robe open exposing the center of her body, and a hint of the breast. Improve on this human body picture by photographing a small section of the female figure wearing a string bikini undergarment, and concentrating your photograph on the curvature of the side of the body and string of the panty,