Audio Editing Software Tutorials

Do you want to learn how to use the audio editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro? Looking for a way to reduce sound distortion? These helpful audio editing software tutorials will get you on your way.

Guide to AmpliTube 3: Free Amp Modeling Software

AmpliTube 3 is a software program that allows musicians to recreate the sounds of amplifiers, effects and other equipment on their computers which is called “amp modeling.” In this article, we look at the new free version of this popular program by IK Multimedia.

A Comprehensive Guide to Soundtrack Pro Tutorials

Soundtrack Pro offers a middle ground between amateur and high-end professional software, and allows you to master your audio and create quality soundtracks. The program may be easier than some alternatives, but it still requires some detailed tutorials to learn how it works.

Ableton Live Operator Presets

Operator is one of the digital instruments included with the Ableton Live music suite. It’s intended to mimic the earliest commercially-available digital synthesizers. Like those early hardware units, Operator uses digital frequency modulation (FM) to create and shape its sounds.

How to Use FL Studio: Creating Your First Song

If you are a budding producer or just a music hobbyist, and are looking for information about using FL Studio, read onward. This article will quickly get you to building your first groove, about a minute or so, without over-complicating matters.

Learn How to Loop an Audio Recording in Ableton Live

Here is an article for those who are new at using the loop recorder in Ableton Live 8. It shows how to record some audio, loop it, and then move onto the next recording. Once you learn about this process your will improve your ability to create great tracks or mixes with different flavors.