Digital Audio Editing Software Reviews and Guides

Here is a list of open-source and paid-for audio editing software reviews and guides on how to use them. Find out which ones suits you and your music best before you buy or install one. Experts in the digital audio field have done all the digging in various audio programs so you don't have to. They share their experience with each product so you can learn about the program before you even start using it.
If you've already installed an audio editing program and need help, look no further. Find the guide or tutorial you need right here. Our digital audio experts provide the basics of editing audio as well as advanced topics for experienced audio mixers.

Buyer’s Guide to Audio Editing Software

There are literally a thousand things you can do with audio editing programs whether you are an experienced pro or an enthusiastic amateur. But before you start work on that next beat or PowerPoint score, you really need to decide what piece of software is right for you.

FL Studio 10 Review

FL Studio has long been considered a beginner’s tool. However, with new editing features and a smoother workflow, it is now ready for the big leagues. Check the new upgrades in this software’s version 10 review.

The Best Free Online Drum Machines for Non Drummers

Online drum machines are a great way to bring percussion to your computer without having to buy a huge drum set. The best of these drum machines are available free of charge and do everything a real drummer can do minus the flip stick trick. Here are the best free online drum machines out right now.

Best 5 Channel Strip Software

Channel strip software emulates the sound engineering tasks you can do on channel strip hardware. Some of them are used to enhance the signals that have already be enhance in channel strip hardware.

Top 5 Macintosh Audio Converter Software Programs

Macintosh audio converter software programs help you in converting audio files into formats that are supported by your desktop or mobile media player. If you play music on several media players, chances are some of them may not support file formats that others support. This is when audio converters

Review of Steinberg Nuendo 5

Steinberg Nuendo 5 is a mixing software that is flexible enough to be used efficiently in music recording as well as filmmaking. It offers a smooth workflow for recording engineers and post-production editors.

Top List of Linux Audio Software Applications

This list of Linux audio software range from simple audio players to sophisticated multimedia applications with web services integration. Different kinds of users have different kinds of needs, and these applications cover those different bases

LMMS Review: Linux MultiMedia Studio

LMMS is a piece of software that lets users compose, edit and produce music for free on the Linux platform. It offers a slate of features and a clean interface that makes the entire music production process efficient.

Top 5 Audio Capture Software Programs

Audio capture software is of course used to record audio. However, most of these programs also have editing tools that range from the basic to the sophisticated. Here is a look at 5 audio capture software programs worth checking out.

The Best Audio Converter Software

If you are looking for good audio converter software, you should look for one that can handle the most number of audio file formats. Batch conversion and audio extraction from video are also valuable features of these software.