WavePad Review: A Fully Featured Professional Audio Editor for Windows

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The ways in which audio editing software will be judged does not end with the functionalities that it provides. The editor’s ease of use, intuitive functioning, the supported formats, the extent of import and export, troubleshooting and so on is also important. WavePad scores over the other audio editing programs with a pretty simple user-interface that even the beginner can easily deal with. All these features along with many others are available in NCH’s WavePad, and that is what makes it one of the extremely popular audio editing software programs.

Features (4 out of 5)

There are many features that make the WavePad stand out uniquely against many of its competitors and the most noteworthy of them include a very simple and a user friendly interface. But, at the same time WavePad provides powerful yet effective audio editing and modifying capabilities; the recorder functionality can be controlled by voice.

WavePadEase of Publishing

Ease of publishing by means of a CD publishing program that does the task in a single click makes this program preferable than tons of other audio editing programs that are rather tedious to understand and deal with.

Audio Quality Enhancement Toolkit

The most attractive of all is the audio quality enhancement toolkit provided in WavePad that helps in reduction of noise and hiss, pop removal and not to forget many added functionalities like the reverse, echo, fade in/ out, auto trim, amplify functionalities, diverse F/X suite and many others of the like.

WavePad2Batch Processing

It is no longer necessary to access files one by one to convert with. With batch processing, users can convert files of various different types at a considerable speed. The speed however depends on the number of the files that are queued to be converted. This helps in minimizing the number of steps that have to be executed in order to convert them to be editable files. This step also allows precise editing and track embellishment as they render an accurate waveform expression.

Advanced Functionalities

There are also many more features like the FFT spectral analysis and others that help in rendering a detailed blue print and when this is combined with many user interactive features like the drag and drop, it is always a fun to work with this geeky music editor.

Versatility (5 out of 5)

WavePad-3The WavePad audio editor is not restricted only to the musicians who wish to refine and redefine their music tracks. It is instead targeted at all varieties of users that include even the amateur journalists who wish to trim the noise or extract only the voice track.

This makes the WavePad editor a hot choice amongst a wide range of users, breaking the myth that audio editing tools are invented only for the people who are directly connected to music.

There is no connectivity factor with the usage of this product, and hence you can even record anything even offline. Ripping from a CD or extracting video alone from the file is also an easy thing.

Many different formats are supported and new formats are always being added in the updates from the manufacturer as well.

Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

WavePad offers the perfect blend of several automated and manual effects. The editor also gives an option to preview the changes made whatever it may be, ranging between the fade in fade out to distort or rte conversion or normalization.

What scores over most over the rest of the audio editing software is its highly interactive and intuitive user interface. Furthermore, WavePad is available to Windows as well as Mac OSX users.

Though many advanced features are not present, those are the hardly used features and so these become negligible issues. The tool tip or the captions that get displayed for the various buttons is the best feature of the product. The technical assistance that is given for the product is also worthy to be noted.

You can download a free copy of trial version of WavePad here and take a look at some free music mixing programs here.