Tips and Tricks for Using Soundtrack Pro's Audio Effects for Audio Mixing

Tips and Tricks for Using Soundtrack Pro's Audio Effects for Audio Mixing
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Audio Changes

Though Soundtrack Pro is a complex audio mixing and editing program, much of what its central purpose stands as is to apply audio effect to the clips. These audio effects can be used in Soundtrack Pro for a variety of reasons, from fixing issues that may have taken place during the recording process or simply to add a level of creativity that will change the fundamental nature of the original audio clips. There are so many different types of Soundtrack Pro audio effects available, from standard equalization and pass filters to types of distortion. Each of these can be applied to the clips in different capacities, customized and altered to fit the purpose perfectly, all of which before you export for your final purpose. Here are a few tips for using those Soundtrack Pro audio effects in your project.

Pass Filters

High pass filters and low pass filters is going to be a major source of support when trying to eliminate problem sounds when audio mixing in Soundtrack Pro. A high pass filter will be used to knock out low sounds that may be interfering, and the low pass filter will be great for eliminating high pitch sounds like static or high pitched wind sounds. If you have any of these types of intrusive sounds in your audio track then the pass filters should be the first Soundtrack Pro audio filter to go to, but make sure that the audio interference is consistently in a high or low place.

Effects Tabs

Instead of navigating the normal menus when trying to go through different Soundtrack Pro audio effects you can just go to the lower left hand

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corner quick select menu and choose through different Soundtrack Pro audio effects here. This does not provide you with more options for selecting audio effects, but instead gives you all relevant effects in a nice selection process so you can try out several. Unlike many video effects, audio effects are often unknown by name to new audio mixers. What this means is that you both need to have some of them presented to you up front as Soundtrack Pro audio effects and need to have an easy selection process so you can go through several before selecting.


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Dealing with noise is going to be a complicated series of audio filters and audio effects in general. The high pass or low pass filters will take care of some of this, but a more ambiguous noise may present complications. What you should try to do is to set a series of audio effects tests in Soundtrack Pro to see what is going to work. If the noise is a minor one you are going to do best by simply setting a noise print from a small segment where just the noise is heard, then applying the removal of that noise to the entire clip. This is only going to benefit you if the noise is minor as you will end up altering the intended audio with this audio filter as well.

Limit Yourself

Unless you are working on experimental audio or music pieces, you are not going to benefit from using excessive audio effects in Soundtrack Pro. Too many Soundtrack Pro audio filters will actually limit the amount of information that comes through and eventually you will not have any of the original patterns that constituted that audio track. This is going to be especially true when using Soundtrack Pro for audio mixing alongside video, which it is often used as since it is part of the Final Cut Studio.