Soundtrack Pro Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginner Sound Mixers in Apple's Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginner Sound Mixers in Apple's Soundtrack Pro
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Stick With the Keys

Soundtrack Pro, as part of the Final Cut Studio workflow, is a sound mixing program that in a professional setting must be used quickly. There have been special keyboards designed with keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro listed, and in Soundtrack Pro these keyboard shortcuts are just as important. Here are a few of the most important keyboard shortcuts for Soundtrack Pro that new sound post-production mixers are going to need when working on projects.

Standard Quick Keys

Some of the Soundtrack Pro keyboard shortcuts are just standard to programs in the Final Cut Suite, though often with different specifics in their name as it applies to the specifics of Soundtrack Pro.

  • Create a New Multitrack Project - Command and N
  • Create a New Audio File Project - Command, Shift and N
  • Bring Up Open Dialog - Command and O
  • Save Project - Command and S
  • Save As Dialog - Command, Shift, and S
  • Hide Soundtrack Pro - Command and H
  • Minimize Soundtrack Pro - Command and M
  • Add Chosen Audio File to Bin of Project - Command and B
  • Open Soundtrack Pro Help - Command, Shift, and ?


The general interface and design of Soundtrack Pro has a number of different tabs and HUDs that are used to apply different things in projects. You have to essentially display and hide these different things as needed, and Soundtrack Pro quick keys are the easiest way to just go back and forth through them.

  • Show or Hide Left Pane - Control and A

  • Show or Hide Right Pane - Control and D

  • Show or Hide Lower Pane - Control and S

  • Activate Effects Tab - Command and 5


  • Activate Browser Tab - Command and 4

  • Activate Project Pane - Command and 3

  • Activate the Mixer - Command and 2

  • Activate Details Tab - Command and 1

  • Activate Sound Palette - Command, Shift, and C

  • Bring Up Multipoint Video - V

  • Activate, or Deactivate, Video Output Device - Control and V

  • Switch to Standard Soundtrack Pro Layout - F1

  • Switch to Separate Mixer and Video Layout - F2

Using the Timeline

The Timeline of Soundtrack Pro will be familiar to those who use Final Cut Pro for their video editing, and many of the Soundtrack Pro keyboard shortcuts are geared toward the Timeline.

  • Move to the Previous Marker - Option and M
  • Move to Next Marker - Shift and M
  • Move to Next Frame Position - Option and Backward Arrow
  • Move to Previous Frame Position - Option and Forward Arrow

Listening to the Project

Really getting into your audio and listening to what is there is an essential part of actually audio mixing your post-production process. Here are some of the standard Soundtrack Pro keyboard shortcuts used in audio playback.

  • Play the Project or Stop the Playing Project - Space Bar
  • Start Playback from Last Position Start - Shift and Return
  • Play Forward - L
  • Play Backward - J
  • Stop Playback - K
  • Play in Slow Motion - K and L
  • Play in Reverse and Slow - J and K
  • Begin or End the Preview Playback - Option and Space