Conducting a Soundtrack Pro Batch Export Using Soundtrack Pro Scripts

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Soundtrack Pro Batch Export

What is common in sound mixing, especially when associated with video productions, is that several independent clips were recorded under the exact same conditions and had the same workflow and storage type. This means that if one clip has audio problems or requires audio sweetening then it is likely that all the audio clips recorded in the same scenario will need it also. To make this easier Soundtrack Pro allows for a batch export, or an export that processes and sends all the altered audio out at once.

Applying Soundtrack Pro Filters and Scripts

Take all of your audio files and open them into Soundtrack Pro. Take one of them and apply the Soundtrack Pro filters that you want to. Make sure that you really address the problem in your audio track with the Soundtrack Pro filters before you move on as this is going to be applied to all clips used in the batch export. You are going to want to take the alterations you made with the Soundtrack Pro filters and apply them to all the clips. The best way to do this in Soundtrack Pro is to use a script. Go to File and then select Save As AppleScript. A save window will come up for the Soundtrack Pro script and name the changes that you made, such as the quality that was achieved by utilizing the Soundtrack Pro filters. This should reflect more what was actually changed with the Soundtrack Pro filters that the clips you are applying to it because the script is more of a series of applied filters. Soundtrack Pro will automatically save this newly creates script in User/Library/Scripts/Soundtrack Pro Scripts/My Script.

Applying the Soundtrack Pro Script

Find the Soundtrack Pro Script you created in your Finder window and then find all of the audio clips you want to batch export with the changes. Drag all of those audio clips onto the Soundtrack Pro script you created and the script will then be applied to those clips. The clips will begin their alteration process, which is a Soundtrack Pro batch export in that all the clips are “exported” from alterations. Every single clip was altered as a batch even though you just applied a script you developed on one of them alone.

Final Cut Pro Audio

This Soundtrack Pro batch export process could also be done through Final Cut Pro. First, import the audio clips you want into Final Cut Pro or simply find the audio clips you want in your existing Final Cut Pro project. Highlight all those audio clips and right click on them, or Control click depending on your preferences. Then select Send To and Soundtrack Pro Script. You will have had to have already created the Soundtrack Pro Script, but you can send the files to that script for batch export.

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