Guide to the Best Podcast Software for Creating and Editing Podcasts

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Picking the best podcast software depends mostly on the type of show you create. This short guide covers the major differences in three popular podcast software packages: Propaganda 1.2, ePodcast Creator 2.0, and Podcast Station 2.1.

When it comes to picking your podcast software, the primary question you need to answer is: what kind of podcast do I want to make? Given the history of the technology each podcasting software title was built on, it’s not surprising that each has strengths.

Propaganda has worked very well for me to create music mixes where I want to match beats and produce a long music set. ePodcast Creator is my choice for when I want to record piano or cello or voice and master the recording. Podcast Station works well for interviews and call-in shows.

Propaganda 1.2

Live Studio: None
Beat Mixing: Full featured support for beat matching and song mixing.
Publishing: FTP support, Podcast metadata creation, and a 90-day trial of a hosting service
Recording: Basic support
Best Podcast Application Produced: music show
Price: $50

ePodcast Creator 2.0

Live Studio: Basic support with presets for playing sound clips
Beat Mixing: None
Publishing: FTP support and podcast metadata creation
Recording: Full-featured recording with many effects and editing features
Best Podcast Application Produced: Produced voice or instrumental show
Price: $90

Podcast Station 2.1

Live Studio: Full support for Skype integration, presets for playing clips and carts of music, and automatic gain control to keep audio levels even
Beat Mixing: None
Publishing: FTP support and podcast metadata creation
Recording: Automatic gain control
Best Podcast Application Produced: Live call-in show
Price: $60
I enjoy having all three at my fingertips. The learning curve for these packages is not very steep, so having options for type of show I am recording is nice. If you are unsure of the type of podcasting you will be doing and want something that is very easy to get started with, Podcast Station has an excellent tutorial that shows you how to create your first podcast.  You probably can’t go wrong picking any of these. Even with podcasting being a new technology, the software they are based on is not new.