Home Recording Studio: Design Tips & Ideas

Home Recording Studio: Design Tips & Ideas
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If you are planning on building a home recording studio, there are some things you need to do before you buy your equipment and actually build the studio. Home recording studio design is essential in planning this task and there quite a few things to be considered to have a solid design for your home studio.


Like professional recording studios, your home recording studio should have a room dedicated for the recording of performances and a separate room for monitoring. You have to make sure that you enough space for both of these rooms. Since you are building a recording studio at home, it would usually mean that you have limited space in there for two separate rooms so you have to carefully design your studio in such a way that you can listen to the performances from an isolated room.

If you will be using the recording studio for your own performances, you can skip the monitoring room since there is no need for monitoring your won performances. You can simply listen to your recordings after you have performed in the same room. This will save you space and equipment. But again, this will only work if you are only using the recording studio for yourself. If you will be having other performers record there with you supervising their recordings, you will indeed need a separate monitoring room.

Equipment Placement

Where you will be placing your audio recording studio equipment is also an issue if you have little space, so plan smart. Make sure there is enough room for versatile microphone placement. You may need to move your microphone or microphone stand every now and then especially if you are using different kinds of instruments. For your mixing equipment, make sure you have a spot where you can work comfortably within the recording studio. Editing your recordings can be done outside the studio so it is not much of an issue in designing the room.


Putting up some posters of your favorite musicians or artists inside your recording studio can give you the inspiration to create and record great music. Making your recording studio look comfortable is as important as placing your equipment in an efficient arrangement. It provides the right aura and atmosphere for you and other performers who might be using your recording studio. Do not overdo it, though, because too much decoration can prove to be a distraction rather than a source of inspiration.

Opening It Up for the Public

If you want to make money off of your home recording studio, you can rent it out when you are not using it. If this is part of your vision for your recording studio, keep in mind that you need to make room for your clients’ own instruments or you own extra equipment for them to use. It may require space, but of you have it, you will have no problem. Just remember that before you go about in home recording studio design, you must first determine the uses for it and what you want to do with it.


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