Shopping for Home Recording Studio Gear: What Is Necessary and What's Not

Shopping for Home Recording Studio Gear: What Is Necessary and What's Not
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Home recording studio gear includes input and output devices that let you do the recording process. Mixing can also be done in the home recording studio so mixing equipment are also ideal to be placed in the studio.


The most essential type of home recording studio equipment you need in a recording studio of any type is a microphone. This is the primary tool for recording so a recording studio is not complete without it. You will need it to record vocals and instruments as well. There are different types of microphones that are used to record vocals and different kinds of instruments, so it is a must that you have more than one microphone in your recording studio to capture sound efficiently and with the best quality possible.

If you are planning to get a new microphone for your home recording needs, you may want to check the top five condenser microphone buying guide and recommendations.

Microphone Accessories

Cables, stands and booms are essential accessories that help you position and set up your microphones in the best way possible so they can capture sound optimally. These accessories, no matter how small and thin, can still take up space so be sure to pick the right ones and have a clear vision of the layout of your home recording studio before you buy these accessories.


Recording studios are not just used for capturing sounds. Mixing and editing sounds are also done in recording studios. Mixers let you do these tasks. There are mixers that are compact enough to be portable and easily stored. Most home recording studios are not very large, so every inch of space needs to be used properly. Compact mixers are perfect for home recording studio environments because they save space without minimizing the thing you can do while mixing tracks.

Speakers and Headphones


Loudspeakers and headphones output sound so you can hear your recordings clearly and loudly. Playback is essential in recording and mixing tracks, and you can get the best sounds from playback by getting the best speakers and headphones you can get. Headphones are used by the person performing so they can clearly hear isolated sounds that they need to pay attention like their vocals or instrumentals. They are also used when mixing and editing to make sure that the editor can clearly hear the tracks without outside noise and interference.



Digital audio workstations or DAW let you control, edit and modify your recorded sounds so having a workstation in your home recording studio is a must. Of course, you can do the editing in other areas of your home like your bedroom or your home office, but it is best if you have your computer that is acting as your digital audio workstation right in your home recording studio for easy access.


As its name suggests, an amplifier amplifies sound. This is extremely useful when trying to get the right sound you want when recording. Compact amplifiers are perfect for home recording studios since they save space without cutting down on their intended purpose.


Take note that home recording studio gear items need to be as compact as possible if you have the typical small home recording studio. Saving space can be done by getting compact home recording studio equipment, but make sure that the sound quality will not suffer by getting more compact equipment.


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