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Battle of the Bands: Spotify vs Pandora

Spotify vs Pandora, is it even a battle? Pandora have been the main alternative music source for over ten years and Spotify just entered the U.S. market in early 2011. Should Pandora be worried? Is Spotify the future? Let’s find out.

Your Home Recording Studio: Tips, Tricks, Do’s & Don’ts

Have you been planning to add a home recording studio to your basement or the upper level of your pole barn? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind. After all, it never hurts to have a little extra knowledge before jumping headfirst into the design of your home recording studio.

Buyer’s Guide to Audio Editing Software

There are literally a thousand things you can do with audio editing programs whether you are an experienced pro or an enthusiastic amateur. But before you start work on that next beat or PowerPoint score, you really need to decide what piece of software is right for you.

What is Legal When Downloading Music?

Wait! Before you click that download button, find out if you are using a legitimate source. If you don’t, you could have trouble – both with the law and with your computer.

Photo Gallery of the 15 Best Digital Audio Workstation

When looking at buying a Digital Audio Workstation there are several factors to consider: your budget, your existing equipment and perhaps most important, what you need from the software. If you want to learn about the basics of recording, create soundtracks for movies, or jam with live instruments.

Guide to AmpliTube 3: Free Amp Modeling Software

AmpliTube 3 is a software program that allows musicians to recreate the sounds of amplifiers, effects and other equipment on their computers which is called “amp modeling.” In this article, we look at the new free version of this popular program by IK Multimedia.

A Comprehensive Guide to Soundtrack Pro Tutorials

Soundtrack Pro offers a middle ground between amateur and high-end professional software, and allows you to master your audio and create quality soundtracks. The program may be easier than some alternatives, but it still requires some detailed tutorials to learn how it works.

Pro Tools Tutorial: Session Backup

It is a fairly common mistake to end up with missing files in a Pro Tools session copy. Pro Tools software provides a function that can help avoid this issue. The feature is called Save Copy In.

Ableton Live Operator Presets

Operator is one of the digital instruments included with the Ableton Live music suite. It’s intended to mimic the earliest commercially-available digital synthesizers. Like those early hardware units, Operator uses digital frequency modulation (FM) to create and shape its sounds.