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MySpendingPlan.com is an asset to those looking to change their financial lives without spending money. Whether you want to spend less on your wardrobe, save money on groceries, or better pay your credit card debt, this free website offers a number of easy-to-use solutions for a variety of financial situations.

Unlike many budgeting websites, you do have to sign up for MySpendingPlan.com but will not be spammed or have your information sold to others.

Budgeting (5 out of 5)

Whether you want to build or revise a household budget, MySpendingPlan.com offers several ways to crunch the numbers without costing you time or money. In addition, the website (which is recommended by The Wall Street Journal) allows you to create budgets for specific upcoming events, such as a vacation or wedding. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to revise or create a basic household budget.

Shopping Lists (4 out of 5)

Another feature of MySpendingPlan.com is the ability to create shopping lists. However, since writing or typing a shopping list is usually an easy task to complete anyway, this feature really does not add a whole lot to the experience of the website itself. It may be useful for some people who would rather take care of all their financial and shopping needs and wants at one time.

Coupons and Samples (5 out of 5)

Time is money, and a lot of valuable time can be wasted looking for good coupons and free samples that are valid and worth trying. MySpendingPlan.com takes the time-wasting aspects of searching for such deals out of the consumer’s life by offering a number of free coupons, special discounts for online shopping, and the ability for users to request free samples of household and personal products.

Articles (5 out of 5)

In the economic climate of 2009, more and more people are experiencing financial situations they never anticipated. MySpendingPlan.com offers a library of articles on everything from how to save for a new baby to surviving a job layoff. The articles are written by professionals, and provide many useful tips for users who take advantage of this feature.


MySpendingPlan.com is a worthwhile free website that offers a wealth of useful information and features for those looking to build or revitalize their personal economics. It is definitely a resource worth looking into, especially since it is comprehensive and free to use.