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The Best Place for Online Coupon Codes

The website,, is devoted to helping money savvy consumers find great deals online. It provides coupon codes that can be used at online retailers for a variety of different types of discounts - from free shipping to 20% off offers. Additionally, one of the best things about the RetailMeNot website is that the content is created by the users and is also updated and rated by users continually. Because of this, you can get almost real-time feedback on which coupon codes worked and which ones didn’t. Bottom line - if you are purchasing something online, check out this website first to save money with online coupon codes.

Site Organization (5 out of 5)

After typing in the website you are wanting to purchase something from, the coupons are presented in order from most reliable to least reliable. Additionally, the online coupon codes are color coded with a percentage success rate to make it very easy to find the coupon code you are looking for. The site is intuitive to use and will only add about two minutes to your online shopping experience, but could save you a significant amount of money in the process.

Coupon Codes for Every Vendor (4 out of 5)

More than 90% of the online retailers that you are interested will probably have coupon codes available on this website. You can find discount offers on everything from shoes and purses to cell phone minutes and hotel stays. However, every once in a while, you will search for a website which has requested that RetailMeNot not display their coupons on the website.

Updated Content (5 out of 5)

Since the content on the site is updated by users, it is always provides recent information for you. Since there is nothing worse than thinking you will get a discount and then discovering that the coupon code is fake or expired, you can easily read the user reviews to see what their experiences were. Often, the coupon codes are reviewed within the last day or two and provide reliable information.

Money Saving Potential (5 out of 5)

While this should be obvious by now, this site is well worth the short time that it takes to puruse it. Simply bookmark the site and visit it each time you intend to make an online purchase. The couple extra mouse clicks will provide you with coupon codes that will save you money.