Christmas Presents for Cheerleading Coaches

Christmas Presents for Cheerleading Coaches
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Individual Gift Ideas

Cheerleading coaches are mentors who help shape the self-esteem of young girls and women. So why not get your cheerleading coach the most thoughtful present possible? Let’s start with individual Christmas presents.

How much should you spend on your coach? That depends on your financial situation (or your parents’ financial situation), but a general rule of thumb is not to spend over $20. A $20 gift can go a long way. Let’s face it, most cheerleading coaches are girly-girls, so a great gift would be an uber-girly present. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase a $20 gift certificate to a nail salon for a mani-pedi (manicure-pedicure) or a gift certificate to purchase makeup at Sephora. You can also get certificates for popular makeup brands such as Smashbox or Bobbi Brown.

  • Another way to go is to purchase a $20 gift certificate to your coach’s favorite clothing store, especially if you notice she wears a favorite clothing brand. $20 may not buy her a sweater, but it can contribute to the overall price, which is great.

  • What about skin products such as soaps, lotions or shampoos? You can purchase a gift certificate to Bath & Body Works, for example, or anywhere else that carries these types of products. Or you can buy a $20 gift basket.

Now let’s move on to team gift ideas.

Team Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of a Spa Day

Many teams will want to give a gift together. This makes the gift extra special because it comes from the entire team. It also may cost less individually because everyone will contribute less money. If there are 20 girls on the team, which is a normal cheerleading team size for a large high school, then everyone can contribute $10 each. Thus, the gift is worth $200. Here are some ideas for $200 gifts:

  • A gift certificate for a spa day will be so relaxing for your busy coach. It’s a way to pamper her completely.

  • Now you can really make sure she can shop at her favorite clothing store! Buy a gift certificate to this store. Or if you’re unsure, buy one to a department store such as Macy’s or JC Penney; both offer a wide selection of brand names.

  • Is your coach label-obsessed? If so, splurge on a designer name handbag. Make sure it’s her style and taste. Always make sure she can return it if she doesn’t like it, so ask for a gift receipt.

  • If your coach is a foodie, or loves to eat nice meals, then maybe get a couple gift certificates to fancy restaurants in your area. It’s a great excuse for her and her significant other to have a night on the town.

Another option for a team gift is to see what you can get donated. For example, if you have 20 girls on a squad, that totals 40 parents (in most cases). Therefore, do any of these parents own restaurants, day spas, or movie theaters? If so, ask them to donate a service or product.

Buying Christmas presents for cheerleading coaches can be easy once your team decides if they want to purchase individually or as a team. Buy for your coach’s interests and you can’t go wrong.


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