What Is the Average Total Amount of Money Spent on Golf

What Is the Average Total Amount of Money Spent on Golf
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Golf is one of the world’s most well-known and expensive hobbies. As a result, the total amount of money spent on golf by avid players is high! That’s no surprise when all of the different expenses associated with golf are tallied up. In a poll presented by a popular golf magazine, almost 50% of golfers reported spending over $1,000 on golf merchandise every year.

Cost of Clubs

Golf clubs are a big investment for any golfer, whether they are professional or just a hobbyist. No matter if a golfer has a couple hundred dollars or several thousand dollars to invest, they will probably spend long hours of research on their choices. Looking at major retailers, it’s obvious that a lot of money is spent on golf clubs—they start as low as ten dollars for one club and go up to over six thousand dollars! Since a standard set of golf clubs has twelve clubs, that means that a particularly dedicated golfer could spend upward of $72,000 on a nice set of clubs. This is easily one of the most expensive areas in which golfers spend money, and since so many golfers are willing to invest their extra money in the basic tools of the trade, it may actually be the most expensive spending area for most golfers.


Although accessories are very inexpensive compared to clubs, the fact that they need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis means that the money spent on them adds up very quickly! Tees only cost a couple of dollars per bag, but they also break very easily at the golf course,on the driving range, and even just being jostled around in the club bag. A frequent golfer could easily spend ten dollars a week on tees! Golf balls are a slightly more expensive area under accessories—golf companies spend a lot of money tweaking the technology of golf balls to go further and higher with less effort. Considering how many balls end up lost in the woods, at the bottom of ponds, or in other golfers’ bags, it is easy to see how golfers may need to replace golf balls more than tees!

Golf Courses

If any golfer is asked about their major golf goals, a round of golf at a highly-desired course comes up more often than a hole-in-one or low score! Rounds at prestigious European golf courses can cost $250 or more, while a round at a local golf course may cost only twenty dollars. However, even inexpensive rounds add up when golfers play two or three times a week. Thousands of dollars are spent on golf courses every year, and it’s an amount golfers are willing to pay. It’s obvious that the total amount of money spent on golf around the world is very high! Not only is it a very popular sport, it’s a sport that requires some fairly expensive equipment to start and costs quite a bit of money to keep playing. However, it is many people’s most beloved hobby—as long as people love golf, they will continue to pay what they need to pay in order to play.


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