Little Tricks Make a Big Difference: Save Money Now

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Saving Money is Easier Than You Think

Substituting a brown bag lunch for a fast-food or deli lunch is just one of the little ways to save money that can go toward a nice financial egg you can enjoy watching while it grows. There are a variety of little ways to save money. It’s just a matter of adapting some money-saving practices and implementing cost-cutting measures in your daily spending habits.

Coupons - Don’t Go Shopping Without Them

Using grocery coupons when you can are a no-brainer. However, don’t overlook the value of free customer reward programs. You can get discounts and coupons just for having the rewards card, even if it’s a place you seldom shop at.

Practice the 30-Day Rule

Wait at least 30 days before you go out and buy something you really don’t need. If you still want the item after 30 days, go for it. Chances are, however, you will have found a better way to spend your money.

Make a List

Don’t go shopping without a list–and a plan to stick to the list no matter how many “bargains“ you run into. Going into a store without a list is a recipe for spending more than you intended.

Spend Less on Eating Out

Sharpen your culinary talents and try out new, inexpensive recipes for entertaining family and friends at home instead of going out. Prepare dishes in amounts large enough to have leftovers that be heated up on another day when/if you don’t feel like cooking.

Shop Thrifty

Check out yard or rummage sales, especially those where the owners are moving and may be more receptive to lowering the cost to sell quickly. You’ll be pleasant surprised at how many quality items you can find at a much lower cost than buying new. When buying groceries, go for generic brands which are just as good but less expensive.

Cut Out the Dead Weight

Another little way to save money is cutting out seldom-used memberships or subscriptions, like the gym membership you haven’t used in the six months since you opened it or magazine subscriptions you seldom read. Cut back or completely cut out the cable if you watch very little TV. You can always get a movie on pay-per-view for those times you’re in the mood for a good movie, just don’t go overboard. Cut out extras from your cell phone bill, like texting, web access or any features you rarely use.

Park Your Car at Home

Leave your car at home if you live near your city’s transit system. If public transportation’s not your thing, see if you can carpool with a co-worker who lives near you or a neighbor who works in the same area as you do. The money you save on gas, tolls and parking adds up to a substantial savings.

Pamper Yourself

Before you schedule your next hair or spa appointment, figure out how much per year you pay someone else to do you hair, facial, or manicure/pedicure and consider learning how to do it yourself–or find someone you know and trust who would be wiling to do it for less money.

If you have your own little ways to save money, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.