How to Write a Missionary Fundraising Letter: Tips and More

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First Steps

Are you wondering how do you write a missionary fundraising letter? If you honestly believe God has called you to either be a full-time missionary or to go on a mission trip, it isn’t too hard. Your first step is to be sure of your calling and then to share the vision with others. This article will show you how.

Share Your Vision in Your letter

If you are planning on becoming on becoming a full-time career missionary, you might write letters to churches like yours asking for support, or asking to speak in the churches to share your vision and ask for support. Your pastor can point you to churches like yours. If you are planning on going on a short term mission trip, you would be more likely to write to members of your own congregation to ask for support. Your pastor can help here too by letting everyone know of your plans. Either way, throughout your letter you need to explain why you believe God has called you. You need to show how the people in the field you are going to are hurting because they don’t have a personal faith in Christ.

Open Your Letter by Showing the Need

When considering how to write a missionary fundraising letter, a good way to open might be to show the need in the country you are planning to go to. For example, suppose you are planning on going to India. Many people might wrongly have the idea that a missionary going to that field would at least be going to a peaceful area. They might have the idea that the people might not be Christians but at least have a faith in God. Tell them the truth. An example of a possible opening for your letter follows below:

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a land where all most all of your neighbors worship cows? Imagine believing that when you die you might be reincarnated to live as a dog, a cat, or a horse. Many of the people in India who are not Christians believe that. While a tiny percent of the total population of more than one billion people are Christians, the majority of Indians believe that if you are reincarnated enough times you will go to heaven when you die. They have little or no knowledge of the Jesus, the Son of God who died to give eternal life to the world and set men free.

How to Write a Missionary Fundraising Letter - Continued

In this first part of the article, we discussed the importance of sharing your vision and developing a good opening to your letter. As we continue on learning how to write a missionary fundraising letter, we will take a closer look at some of the obstacles you might face as well as some other tips which will help you in your endeavor.

Break Through Stereotypes

If you plan on writing a letter to solicit support for a mission trip or to be a full-time missionary and if you plan on speaking in a church to try to raise funds, you will encounter people who cling to stereotypes about the country you are going to. This may make it harder to generate funds. Following are some samples of things you could write in your letter:

Imagine sharing the gospel in a land where those around you believe in reincarnation? Do you really think those with such superstitious beliefs are eager to embrace the truth? God can cause anyone to become a believer, but only a tiny percent of those in the country of India are Christians.

Have you always believed those in India who are not Christians are peaceful, so it is not too hard a place for a missionary to live? Tell that to Christians in Karnataka in India, after the Communal Violence Bill of last year made it illegal for Christians to share their faith or distribute literature, because that “offends” Hindus. Tell that to Pastor Ravi Chandran who was beaten in his house by extremists March 8 and 10 of this year according to the Voice of the Martyrs.

If you are planning on going to be a missionary in Great Britain you may encounter many who believe that most people in the country are already Christians. If you were in the church this author attends and wanted to be a missionary you would have heard the truth from a member who used to be a British citizen that you could share in a letter:

You believe most people in Britain are Christians? A member of our church said before he was a believer he had only been in a church when his parents had him baptized as a baby and when he was married. He was typical of other British citizens. He said he was never approached with the gospel by any missionary, and that most citizens do not have a personal faith in Christ. He said many in the country will turn against someone, even a family member, who turns to a true personal faith in Christ.

Other Tips

Using a tone that is respectful is important. You need to read your fundraising letter several times and make any necessary changes. Have others read it and offer constructive criticism. Make notes of anything you or others have found that needs changing and write the letter again.

Experts say you should keep the letter as short as possible, without leaving out any important details. People will want to know what you are doing, in the simplest terms possible. Outline step by steps the things you will be doing. For example:

1. We will be sharing the gospel of how the death of God’s Son on the cross can set men from from their sins and give eternal life.

2. We will be teaching new believers how the Bible says we should live and baptizing them.

3. We will be planting churches and training new Christians so they can run the church and share their faith with others.

4. When leaders are adequately trained, we will be going to other areas in the country to share our faith and plant more churches.

Close your letter with a short appeal for money. For example:

I need to raise $10,000 a month total from the churches who believe in the vision God has given me. I will be happy to speak at your church to tell about the mission field God has called me to. (If you are going on a short mission trip instead you could give an address for people to mail checks too.) Any financial support I receive is crucial but secondary to your prayer support. (You could list specific prayer requests.)

I appreciate your time in reading my letter and in considering supporting us.

Until all have heard,

(Your name)

Share Your Heart

The samples in this article may not apply to your specific situation, but hopefully they have given you ideas for how to write a missionary fundraising letter. If you really believe God has called you to the mission field, others will want to help, after they have read your letter.