Learn How to Raise Your Visibility within Your Organization

Learn How to Raise Your Visibility within Your Organization
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Five Tips to Raise Your Visibility at Work

Here are five creative and important tips to get the boss to notice you and to help you learn how to raise your visibility within your organization. By employing these methods in your organization, you’ll be sure to get noticed in a positive way:

  • Tip 1: Be Thankful

To thank a colleague for his or her help or a job well done has gone by the wayside in our culture. However, it is a very important step in getting noticed. If you thank your colleagues when they do a good job, help you out or car pool to a conference or meeting off-site with you, it’s always a good time to thank them. Also, thank your support staff if they are helpful. However, don’t be over the top or superficial about thanking others. A sincere “thank you” at the appropriate time is all you need. Bosses will notice and hear about your team player attitude and how others enjoy working with you because they feel appreciated – which are all signs of a good boss in the making.

  • Tip 2: Be On Time

It seems so silly and straightforward to mention, but many people forget to do this one, simple thing. When an employee typically starts a new job, he or she is diligent about being on time to work every morning, every meeting, etc. As the employee continues to work at the organization, timeliness can become secondary. Don’t let this slip. Always be on time and come prepared to every meeting, event, and conference. This shows the boss you’re serious about your job, you’re a professional, and you respect the organization and your colleagues’ time as well.

  • Tip 3: Be an Early Bird and a Night Bird

It’s a simple fact: bosses notice employees who arrive early and stay late. Why? Well, think of it this way: if you owned a company, you would want your employees to be dedicated and work longer to achieve your goals, right? That’s the way owners of companies, CEOs, and corporate presidents, directors, and managers think. They’ve invested so much time and energy in the company that they want employees to do the same. Make sure to be visible when you come in early and stay late. Don’t just hole up in your office. Say “good morning” to the boss on the way in and “good night” on the way out.

  • Tip 4: Help the Newbies

A great way to get noticed is to help out new employees. In other words, be a mentor of sorts. First, many employees in your company can benefit from your years of experience. Second, it shows your boss that you have a vested interest in the company. Ask your boss if you can volunteer your time and mentor others. Bringing the idea to her or him is key because it shows your initiative, motivation, and leadership skills – again, all great qualities for a potential boss.

  • Tip 5: Answer the Boss

Let’s say you’re in a meeting and the boss, or even the CEO, asks a question and no one knows the answer. After the meeting, research the answer and offer the answer you found. Bosses like to know that employees pay attention to them, especially in long meetings. Providing the answer boosts your boss’s ego and makes you look like a team player and problem solver. Don’t overdo this strategy - it shouldn’t be used as a chance to superficially suck up to the boss or annoy him or her to death with constant interruptions.

By learning how to raise your visibility within your organization, you can set yourself on a better career path, and perhaps, be in line for the next big promotion or raise.


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