Tips on How to Decorate the Church for a Budget Wedding

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There is no doubt that weddings can be quite expensive. The decor for the church and reception can be some of the most costly parts of the entire occasion. Certain decor and decorating techniques allow you to learn how to decorate a church for a budget wedding, but still make the occasion beautiful. Keeping the church decor simple is the best option.To begin the process, consider reading more on how a personalized planning tool for budgeting a wedding can help you. The review on budgeting website may also be of assistance.

Use Faux Petals

When the flower girl tosses the petals as she walks down the aisle, they are often real flower petals. Instead, consider using faux flower petals which can be much cheaper. Check the dollar store where you can usually purchase a small bag stuffed with them. Chances are no one will know the difference unless you tell them.

Limit Fabric Use

If you decide you want to tie fabric onto the edges of the pews, skip on having it hang all the way to the ground or tying it into a bow as it takes extra fabric. Instead, tie it around the side edge of the pew and into a knot, then let it hang halfway down.

Skip Full Bouquet Use

Tied to the fabric on the end of pews, there are usually a small bouquet of flowers attached to each one. Instead, skip the bouquets and use a few large inexpensive flowers such as Gerber daisies or tulips. Stick them in the knot and they’ll look just as beautiful as a bouquet.

Keep the Altar Clear

Instead of putting a floral archway and a huge amount of flowers on the altar, let its natural beauty be enough. You can put one large potted floral arrangement on either side, but that should suffice. You can even make them yourself by picking up two large matching vases and fill them with store bought bouquets of flowers.

Inexpensive Aisle Runner

Instead of buying an aisle runner, purchase the fabric and make it yourself. Visit the church to get the exact measurements so you know how much fabric to buy. Do price comparison shopping online as well as in stores so you can obtain the cheapest purchase.

Comparison Shop

Before you buy your items, it is important to comparison shop to get the best pricing. Many people have phones where the download of applications is possible; there are applications available that allow you to scan the barcode of an item and it will return a listing for which place has it for the cheapest price. If you don’t have the ability to do that, you can use price comparison websites.

Summing Up a Budget Wedding

The amount you spend has nothing to do with how wonderful your wedding will be. The true beauty will be in the small details, such as the flowers on the end of the pew. Learning how to decorate a church for budget weddings can save you quite a bit of money. More people will be paying attention to the happy couple than they will to anything else.