High School Fundraising Posters with Photos the Students Take

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High school fundraising using posters could raise quite a bit of money if the process is done correctly and the right images are chosen for the posters. Many high school students have posters on their walls and, when they go to college, they continue to use them. One way to add a more personalized touch, which can draw in more buyers, is to have the high schoolers take the pictures and have the pictures made into the posters.

Reputable Businesses

The first step should be to find a reputable business that can help you pull everything together. Pricing and the steps to make the posters should be discussed before anyone even takes the pictures. You should also make sure to find out the turnaround time, sizes of the posters, and if forms are available for the buyers to use to place their orders. Read online reviews about the business and see examples of their work.


The best way to go about it is to have the students take various pictures of things that interest them and submit them for evaluation by an art teacher. The images should be clear and not blurred so when they are enlarged, they still look stellar. Any student that has a digital camera and a steady hand is capable of taking a poster-worthy picture.


The pictures should not be of anything that can be considered copyrighted material, for example, no logos. The photographs can be landscapes, flowers, animals, the school architecture and anything else that is of interest. Suggest that the students capture the images from different angles, play with the lighting or change them to black and white to make the photo a bit more interesting. The more images submitted, the more options there will be to have a wide array of possible posters.

Choosing the Posters

In order for the posters to bring in money, they have to appeal to the public. Certain images, as great as they are, may not be something that a person would hang on the wall. Gather a group of students and teachers to take a vote on which images they like the best for the posters, then take those choices and have the student body vote on which images they would want to sell. It is an easier process than having too many types of posters and not enough of them being sold.

Testing the Pictures

When you send the company the potential pictures, they can determine if the pictures are clear enough to be poster worthy. For those that pass inspection, the business should have no problem making test posters before orders so you can get a good idea if those are the final images you want to use. Make sure to learn about their policy beforehand so you do not send the images only to receive sub par posters in return.

Poster Sellers

If you are not looking to make your own posters, but want to purchase them, examples of poster ideas for purchase are:



High school fundraising posters are not only a great way to make money, but they can also allow the kids to put their creativity out into the world. Their work can be on the walls of many others and that is an accomplishment in itself. Although the money can be great, the feeling of accomplishment can be even better.