Companies that Give Discounts or Freebies to Triplets: Food, Diapers, Toys & More Freebies or Discounts for Triplets

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There Is Help Out There

Having a big family could put a huge dent in your family income. There are companies that help when you have been told you’re having triplets. It is possible for families who have had multiple births to receive free and discounted toys, diapers, clothing, baby food, and other items. This article will list some of the discounts and the companies that offer them.

Companies change what they offer as far as free and discounted items for families of triplets occasionally, so you should check out the websites of companies listed before counting on receiving any offer.


Procter and Gamble gives free diapers to parents who have given birth to triplets or higher multiple births. You will receive a jumbo package of diapers for each child. Send copies of the birth certificates to: Michelle Bova @ P&G P.O. Box 599 Cincinnati, OH 45201-0599.

Huggies offers one time coupons to those who have had multiple births for their products, which include diapers, wipes, and bath and body products. You need to mail copies of your babies’ birth certificates to: Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Department QMB, P.O. Box 2020, Neenah, WI 54957-2020.

Pampers offers money saving coupons for diapers for parents of multiple births. The company also offers a book mothers of triplets might enjoy about savoring the responsibility of being the mother involved in multiple births. To receive the offer you need to send copies of the discharge papers for your babies. You may black out sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers. You may mail the information to: Pampers Multiple Birth Offer, The Procter & Gamble Company, P. O. Box 599, Cincinnati, OH 45201, or in Canada to Pampers Multiple Birth Offer, The Procter & Gamble Company, Toronto Ontario, P. O. Box 355, Station A, Toronto Ontario M5W1C5.

Toys, Rattles, Teethers, and Assorted Items

If you have or are going to have triplets, you may be interested to know The First Years gives free baby items to parents of multiple births. The items can vary. In the past they have included such things as toys, rattles, bibs, and tethers. To get your freebies you need to send copies of your babies’ birth certificates or newspaper clippings about the births to: First Years, One Kiddie Dr., Avon, MA 02322, Attn: Multiple Births Program.

If you shop at Babies ‘R" Us and purchase two or more of the same items, you will receive a 10% discount. Items you can purchase for your triplets include furniture, baby gear, including strollers, car seats, high chairs, travel yards, strollers, gates, swings, walkers, and backpacks/carriers. You can find out more at your local store.

The Baby Planet Botique, an online store, offers a 10% discount when you check out if you use the keyword “Multiples,” if you purchase two or more of the same product. You will receive free shipping on orders of more than $100.

Pictures of Your Triplets

It could be a scary thought to have individual pictures of each triplet–because of the cost. Just thinking about multiple sitting fees and the combination packages for so many pictures can be frightening. J.C. Penny department stores, however, offers a multiple birth program in its photography studio. There are not that many details about the program available, but why not check it out at your local store?

Baby Food

The thought of buying baby food for triplets can be scary, but there are companies that help.

Beech-Nut offers coupons for baby food products. Parents of twins or triplets do not even have to offer proof of the multiple births, but parents of quads or more do. Call 1-800-BEECHNUT (233-2468) for more information. You will receive a packet designed especially for parents of multiples.

Gerber also offers coupons for families with triplets or other multiple births. Products include juices, rice cereal, and staged foods. They also have organic baby food products. Call (800) 443-7237 for a packet of information.

The website,, offers coupons for free samples of baby formula, diapers, and other items if you join their free club.


TLC Clothing, which specialize in clothes for preemies, offers a 15% discount on triplet wear. Call 1-800


If You Are Having Triplets, Remember There is Help Out There

If you have or will soon have triplets, remember there are companies that will give you discounts or freebies to triplets. You do have help when buying food, diapers, clothes, toys, and other items.