Finding Real Internet Jobs No Scams

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Finding real Internet jobs - no scams - is possible. You just need to know where to look! Here are a few legitimate income opportunities which you can pursue via the Internet. is a website that allows “experts” of a variety of fields to work from home helping others. This is definitely not one of those scams about learning to make money on the Internet. How it works is you create a profile and have it approved by the Liveperson management. Areas of expertise include education, counseling, business, technology, health, arts and spirituality. There’s a place for everyone from homework helpers to psychologists. However, as of spring 2010 Liveperson was not approving new applications for the spirituality category; this category usually attracts psychics and tarot card readers.

Basically, clients come to you and you can advise them by e-mail, phone or online chat. You don’t have to enable phone service capabilities if you’re uncomfortable helping others by phone. You set your own rates and Liveperson takes a commission. The website charges no setup or maintenance fees; if you don’t work, they don’t get paid either. So consider this option when looking for real Internet jobs no scams.

The key to success here seems to be creating a profile with a photo and credentials. Regular logging on is important too, as you can boost your profile’s rank in the search results by being “online.” Liveperson also features a feedback system similar to eBay; your clients can rank you accordingly which can potentially boost your business if you do a good job.

Some people on Liveperson charge $5.00 per minute (taking about 65 percent of that home) while others charge less than $1 per minute. Compare rates in your category and your credentials when setting rates. Also remember that you can change your rates at any time.


Keen is similar to Liveperson, though they don’t take as hefty of a commission. This site is accepting e-mail and phone psychics, unlike Liveperson. You don’t have to be a psychic to use Keen; the website is set up for a number of categories ranging from professional counseling to flirting or bordering on “adult” chat. Keen also approves your profile after a few business days; building a clientèle and constant logons are essential here. Keen seems to be more phone-oriented than Liveperson, so if you’re not a psychic and shy on the phone you may want to avoid this website. Psychics can sell e-mail readings on Keen, but other experts can’t.

If you’re in the helping or flirting professions, you may already know that some clients want to give you gifts. Keen allows you to safely enable such bonuses by adding links to your wish lists on Amazon and similar websites. You can create a wish list that keeps your full name and of course address anonymous. While gifts of course are not the norm, it is nice to have the ability to receive bonuses even in books or DVDs for your hard work on Keen.

Bright Hub

Writing right here at Bright Hub is another legitimate way to earn money on the Internet! Writers have a variety of topics and channels to choose from, and are compensated through both up-front payments and revenue sharing. At the time of this publishing, up-front payments are $10 per article, with a 450 word minimum required. With Bright Hub, you can set your own work hours, so there is no limit to your income potential. More information about writing for Bright Hub may be found by visiting the site’s home page.

Break Studios

Break Studios is a fairly new writing website as of 2010; the format seems similar to other content provider websites like Bright Hub and Demand Studios. Approved writers can write 250 to 700 word blog-style posts on select topics noted in the Break Studios system. This site pays twice a month. Each article pays $8 upfront, so this is not one of those writing scams about how to make money on the Internet. However, keep in mind you’ll need to adhere to their writer’s guidelines; these require specific numbers of keyword placements and reputable references such as government and educational institution websites. Topics range from credit card issues to “sexier” issues such as how to seduce your sister-in-law. If you would like to write about racier issues but don’t want to use your real name, Break Studios allows approved writers to create a pen name. This might be a great option for writers of all levels seeking real Internet jobs no scams.

Searching legitimate sites like is another key to finding real Internet jobs. No scams means you have the opportunity to earn an income from home safely and effectively.