Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters or Pets: Fundraiser Ideas and Tips to Help Bring in Donations

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Fundraising ideas for animal shelters should appeal to animal lovers. In order to get a substantial amount of money coming in, people may need more of a reason to donate then just that it is for a great cause. A good way to entice people to donate is to find a little something to give them in return, whether it is a fun experience or an actual item.

Hand Painted Bowls

Paint paw prints on plain bowls to resell for profit. Other options to paint on the bowls are hearts or take requests to have them personalized. If you are lacking on artistic skills, consider asking someone to volunteer his time to do it. This can be an especially good fundraising idea for animal shelters during the holiday season.

Flea Market Tables

Other great fundraising ideas for animal shelters is to provide flea market tables. Ask family and friends to donate various items to your organization so they can be sold at a flea market. Another option is to ask local businesses to donate goods that can also be sold. To rent a small space at a flea market more often than not costs very little, so if there are enough items the difference can be made up quickly.

Pet Photographs

Purchase a few backgrounds depending on the holiday or occasion for which you would like to take the pet photos. The options are endless, for example, Christmas can have a background comprised of a pile of gifts and Valentine’s Day can have a large heart. Ask a professional photographer if he will consider donating his time and skills for the fundraising idea.

Dog Treats Bake Sale

Bake up a bunch of dog treats in fun shapes such as hearts, stars or moons. Consider doing regular treats and organic ones as well. Put a few in a small bag or put some into a small cardboard box to create a ready-made gift. For a final touch, top off the packaging with a decorative bow or ribbon.

Pet Party

A pet party as a fundraising idea for animal shelters is a fun way to accumulate donations and give a chance for pet owners and pets to mingle together. You can serve dog treats, have volunteer groomers on hand to style the dog’s hair and have a playpen. Another option is to have raffles for prizes such as dog toys, dog food and pet clothing.

A website is a great way to advertise fundraising ideas for animal shelters. It can also be a good way to ask for volunteers to contribute their talents to help make the ideas work. In addition, items such as the hand painted bowls and the treats can be listed on, and purchased through, the site. Another way to sell the bowls and treats is to list them on sites such as where you may have a chance of reaching a broader audience.