Learn How to Become a Bank Teller

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If you have been looking for a career in the world of finance but have limited experience or applicable education you need to know how to become a bank teller. This is an entry level position that requires no formal education and often no previous banking experience. It is a great way to get your foot in the door and there are many opportunities for on the job training and advancement. When applying to become a bank teller it is important that you play up your assets and any training you do have, especially if your education and experience are limited.

The position of bank teller is one that centers largely around customer service. Therefore, if you have any previous experience with customer service it is important to list this on your resume or application. Even positions that may not seem applicable to working in a bank, such as being a receptionist, cashier, or sales associate have in fact provided ample experience in dealing with customers that are in a variety of moods. Being able to handle customers who are anxious or upset is an important skill that should certainly be highlighted.

If you have a limited education background be sure to focus on classes or training you have had that deal with math or business. Any high school awards related to these two topics, or advanced math classes may give you an edge over the other applicants. If you have few business references, consider supplying the contact information of a favorite economics or math teacher who will give you a positive recommendation.

The ability to accurately record data is also quite important. Any experience handling money or using a computer should also be noted. If you have received any awards or certifications in computers they should also be listed. Having previous knowledge of various computer systems shows the employer that you are should be able to be trained on their systems as well.

Finally, while most banks and other financial institutions will provide an application to those seeking to become bank tellers it makes a good impression if you are also able to submit a resume. Even with limited experience and training the above points can help create a professional resume that will show potential employers that you take the opportunity to work with them seriously.