How to Sell Sperm: Donating Sperm for Money: Can All Men Do it?

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The Requirements

Before any sperm can be donated, there are certain requirements that must be met.

  • Donors must be between the ages of 18 to 34, because a young man’s sperm is more desirable since it is more potent.
  • Donors should be at least 5'11’’ tall, because nearly all women looking for a donor will ask for someone tall.
  • Donors weight should be healthy and average for their height, as this is an indicator of health and promotes healthy sperm.
  • The donors should at least have a high school diploma, if not a college degree, as most women looking for sperm want to know their donor is educated.
  • The donors cannot have or ever have had: hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, genital warts, genital herpes, or any other sexual transmitted disease or serious disease.

The Exams

All sperm donors must pass a medical history test. Once the history portion is passed, a physical exam will take place. These exams are provided by the donation facility free of charge. Donors will give a blood sample and only be allowed to donate if they are deemed in good health.

The Process

  1. Research and find a sperm donation bank. Visit the bank ahead of time to be sure the facility operates legally and is clean, and professional.
  2. Fill out the necessary paperwork to become a donor.
  3. Provide a sample of sperm for testing purposes. The sperm will be tested to ensure there are enough of them in the sample, they have good motility, they will freeze well, and they are normal. If any of these are an issue for the sample, the donor is rejected.
  4. Once the sample has been approved, a thorough medical history will be provided to the donor, which he must fill out according to the best of his knowledge.
  5. A full physical exam and battery of tests will be conducted to ensure the donor is in optimal health to be providing his sperm to the bank.
  6. Once the donor has been deemed fit for his purpose, the facility will ask the donor to sign a contract. The contract will detail information such as pay per donation and how frequently the donor will be allowed to donate.

When it is time to give a donation, the donor will be asked to enter a small room where he will have to masturbate into a cup. Materials will be available to assist the donor with the process. The sperm cannot be collected at home and brought into the facility because it must be frozen within 90 minutes of collection.

The Money

The money sperm donors will make will vary from clinic to clinic. Higher quality sperm will earn more money per sample or donation than the lower quality sperm. Those who are healthy and live in close proximity to a donation clinic may be able to make a few thousand dollars a year through their sperm donations.