How to Get Paid for Blood Plasma Donation

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How It Works

The body replenishes its supply of blood plasma naturally, so donating rarely causes serious adverse effects to healthy people. A person over the age of 18 must weigh more than 110 pounds and not be considered at high risk for communicable diseases such as HIV, AIDS, or hepatitis. The first visit to a center to get paid for blood plasma donation usually includes a brief psychological screening and physical exam. If all seems well, the staff will accept a donation of blood plasma taken through a special needle in a vein. Each donation is thoroughly screened for a number of diseases before being transfused to another person.

Income Potential

Get paid for blood plasma donation can work all over the world. In November 2009, “China Daily” published an article about thousands of Chinese farmers donating their blood plasma every two weeks for the equivalent of United States $25. In the United States, most blood banks permit people to donate twice a week and can pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per donation. The average income for regular donors is usually about $300 a month, according to a 2008 article published on the news website “Utah Stories.” A married couple could easily add $600 a month to their income and share gas expenses in getting to the donation center. However, for most financial problems additional remedies are required such as better household budgeting, ensuring there are no unclaimed tax refunds, defining personal finance goals, and if needed re-entering the workforce full-time.


It is not easy to just get paid for blood plasma donation. Some people may experience pain around the collection site or weakness. Those who do a lot of international travel or recently had a tattoo or piercing may not be eligible to donate due to the risk of having hepatitis or other serious communicable diseases. The first visit usually takes about two hours and additional visits can take about 90 minutes. Usually one can read or listen to an iPod while donating plasma. Travel costs to a blood bank may cause this possibility of extra income to become ineffective, as some communities can be at least 50 miles from a donation center.

Getting Started

Those who want to get paid for blood plasma donation right away can search for local centers using websites such as BioLife or BloodBanker. Other methods of search, such as using newspapers, Google, or local 411 information may also yield centers if the aforementioned websites do not offer a convenient donation center.


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