Larry Winget Personal Finance Expert What We can Learn from the Pitbull of Personal Finance

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Larry Winget: Overview

Larry Winget is known as the “Pitbull of Personal Development” and the “World’s Only Irritational Speaker”. Larry Winget doesn’t sugar-coat anything. His personal finance advice is straight-forward, as is his career advice.

Larry Winget stars in the A&E series Big Spender which airs every Saturday morning at 11:30 AM EST. In this series, Larry Winget gave personal finance advice to struggling individuals and families. For the most part, Larry Winget was not afraid to tell these people that their problems were their own fault. After a heart-to-heart, Larry gave these families personal finance advice and a contract.

They were required to follow the advice. Larry returned a while later to see if the families did what they were told to do. The families that followed Larry Winget’s personal finance advice got themselves out of their situation.

Larry Winget has also written several bestsellers and has appeared on many personal finance shows including CNBC’s The Millionaire Inside.

Larry Winget: What we can Learn

Larry Winget once said “money is easy when you get the rest of your life right.” He also says that “people get in financial trouble because of a lack of integrity and misplaced priorities.”

Take these words of wisdom in for a minute. If you are struggling financially with credit card debt or are just sliding by from paycheck to paycheck, the problem probably isn’t that you aren’t making enough money. The problem is your priorities are out of line. Once you get your life into order and your priorities straight, your personal finance situation should improve.

Larry Winget: How he Differs from Other Personal Finance Experts

There are many personal finance experts that can teach all of us a great deal about money and how to live our lives better. However no personal finance expert is quite like Larry Winget. Larry Winget differs from other personal finance experts such as Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey in that his advice is more about admitting what’s wrong with you as a person and your priorities than fixing your money situation.

While all personal finance experts understand that psychology plays a role in personal finance, Larry Winget takes it one step further. He flat-out instructs you to get a hold of yourself and fix your priorities before you fix your money situation. Once your priorities are straight, then everything else will follow.

Larry Winget is definitely one of the great personal finance experts out there. He is easy to understand and doesn’t speak above his audience. His books and TV appearances give everyone the opportunity to learn something from the “Pitbull of Personal Development”.