Essentials When Shopping for a Newborn Baby

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Knowing what to buy when shopping for a new baby is very confusing for first time parents. It is amazing all of the things those new little people need.

Even more important than baby needs, at least to the sanity of the new parent, is what will make the parent’s life a bit less stressful. When shopping for a newborn baby be sure to include both baby needs and parental wants.


Booties – babies cannot regulate their temperature the way adults can and may need additional help keeping their feet warm.

Cap - caps keep babies from losing warmth from their heads and are essential in northern climates or during the winter.

Onesies – little outfits that snap together.

Sleepers – great for keeping baby warm at night

Socks – can be used instead of booties.


Bibs – great for catching baby drool and later for messy feedings

Bottle cleaner – even if you breastfeed you may want to pump and have someone else bottle feed the baby.

Bottle liners – easy to use and makes bottle cleanup a snap.

Bottles – purchase one or two even if planning to breastfeed.

Breast pump – only necessary for mothers who want to breastfeed.

Burp cloth – useful for protecting parent’s clothes and for cleaning up other baby messes.

Formula – keep some on hand even if you are planning to breastfeed just in case.

Milk storage containers – necessary only if you are planning to pump.

Nipples – Buy several styles in case baby doesn’t like one.

Nursing pillow – these are great for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Bathing and Health

Baby bathtub – these tiny tubs fit into an adult bathtub to keep baby safe while bathing.

Baby nail clippers – smaller for tiny toes and fingers.

Baby wipes – a must have for dirty diapers.

Brush and comb – time to smooth baby locks.

Changing pads – put these on your changing table for easy cleanup after a diaper disaster. Also great to take when leaving the house so baby has a clean place for on the go diaper changes.

Diaper bag – Find one with enough room for baby and parent supplies to minimize the number of bags you need when leaving the house.

Diaper cream – helps prevent and treat diaper rash.

Diaper pail – keeps the nursery from smelling like a dirty diaper and makes disposal super easy.

Diapers – buy cloth or disposable diapers but be sure to have enough on hand for the first few weeks.

Bathing and Health cont.

Digital thermometer – be sure it is safe for rectal use.

Nasal aspirator – help baby clean out his nose.

Night light –good for night feedings or diaper changes so baby doesn’t wake all the way up.

Pacifiers – even if you don’t plan on using one keep one on hand for emergency soothing.

Q-tips – use to put on ointments.

Soap and Shampoo – a dual purpose product cuts down on bathing difficulties.

Towels – a personal towel can make bath time more fun.

Vaseline – many doctors recommend this for circumcised boys.

Wash clothes – keep baby clean!


Blankets – these shouldn’t be put into the crib with baby, instead use for tummy time on the floor.

Bumper pad – makes the sides of the crib softer and prettier.

Fitted sheets – be sure to have several of these in case of diaper disasters in bed.

Mattress pad – keep accidents from seeping into the mattress.

Swaddling blankets – swaddling babies is a great way to sooth them.

Furniture and Travel

Baby carrier – there are several styles, some wrap around the mother and others look like backpacks. Baby will enjoy being close to the caregiver while the caregiver enjoys moving around.

Bassinet – a good place for baby to sleep when not in his crib.

Car seat - you must have one of these to leave the hospital.

Changing table – having one central place for all diaper necessities makes changing diapers much easier.

Crib – a place of his own to sleep.

Mattress – choose one that will fit snugly into the crib.

Mobile – attach to crib to help baby fall asleep.

Portable playpen- these can be set up in the home for a safe play area or taken on the road as a temporary area for baby to play and sleep.

Stroller – Before long baby will be too heavy to carry everywhere.

Swing – These are great for soothing fussy babies to sleep.