What are the Best Cell Phones for Teens?

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Many teens want the newest cell phones such as an IPhone, Blackberry, or the Palm Pre. The question has never been do teens want the latest and most expensive toy, but rather do they need it. The answer for most parents is no. However, many parents do want to be able to stay in contact with their teen when they are away from home and a cell phone is a great way to do that. With this in mind the following are the best cell phones for teens.


The Firefly phone is a good choice for younger teens who may not have the best impulse control when it comes to texting. Parents can limit the number of texts teens can send or receive and can also control the phonebook which allows them to control who the phone can be used to call and who is allowed to call the phone. The Firefly use to be a very limited cell phone but now has the ability to play MP3s, games, and the ever popular ability to text.

Guardian Angel

A Guardian Angel phone is perfect for the parent who worries about where their child or teen is. It is a more grown up phone that allows the teen freedom but provides a feeling of security for parents. The cell phones allow parents to remotely monitor, via a website, the exact location of their teen and can even monitor how fast the teen is traveling. There are a number of phone styles available for a moderate price and minutes are added monthly with prepayment making it a great way for parents to control the cost of the monthly cell phone bill.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Almost every carrier and every retailer has a phone that is available for a prepaid plan. This is perfect for a teen who wants a cell phone and a parent who doesn’t want to pay for it. Parents often don’t want to pay for the pricier options of texting or downloads that teens want, and this is a great way to compromise. Let your teen pay for his phone with his own money. This will teach the teen that privileges such as a cell phone have a cost and will help them learn to budget not only their money but also their time on the phone. Several prepaid companies are now starting to offer Unlimited Talk and Text Plans, such as AT&T for $60/month, and Straight Talk for $45/month (including unlimited mobile web use.) Choosing an unlimited plan is an excellent way to be worry free and worry less about the bills.