Bad Check Databases: Getting Bank Accounts When On Chexsystems

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Those who write bad checks or overdraw bank accounts may be listed in bad check databases such as Chexsystems. Finding non Chexsystems banks is important to such consumers because a number of banks will not accept customers listed in the database. Being in Chexsystems can last five years, so it is important for people to be able to find second chance banking so they can have a number of financial options. Direct deposit, PayPal, and online bill payment all usually require a checking or savings account to use such functions.

Major Banks

Major banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Wachovia may open accounts to people listed in Chexsystems for a one time error, according to the website ChexsystemsVictims. However, those who have chronic problems managing a checking or savings account will likely be denied an account from a large bank. SunTrust is another bank that opens accounts to people listed in Chexsystems, even multiple times, but does not have as many national locations as some of the aforementioned competitors.

Credit Unions

Approaching your local credit union is a good way of finding non Chexsystems banks. A number of these financial institutions will overlook a Chexsystems record and at least open a savings account, and some do not look at such bad check databases.

Local Banks

Calling local banks and asking outright if they accept people with a Chexsystems history is a non-embarrassing and anonymous way to find out if you might be able to get a bank account. Some banks will gladly accept you even with a Chexsystems record, especially if you are locally employed and have been in your community for a while.

Other Options

You can visit websites such as ChexsystemsVictims and sign up to receive a totally free list on finding non Chexsystems banks. There are a number of credit unions, brick and mortar banks, and online banks in each state that will take customers with a bad check writing history. In addition, you can also opt to get a prepaid debit card such as Green Dot and use that to receive your direct deposits if your check writing past is quite severe.