Learn How to Become a Mystery Shopper: Earn Extra Cash

Learn How to Become a Mystery Shopper: Earn Extra Cash
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Mystery Shoppers Duties

A mystery shopper is an individual who evaluates the customer service offered by a business to help the business establish a strong reputation. A good reputation helps a business establish a loyal customer base where customers feel good about spending their money and telling their family and friends. On the other hand, a bad reputation creates disloyalty and the lack of desire to tell family and friends about a business.

For example, a mystery shopper visits a department store and takes mental notes about the waiting time for service, the cleanliness of the store, and the sales cashier’s attitude. A written report is created once the mystery shopper leaves the store based on criteria established by the client. After the written report is submitted, the department store can decide if additional customer service training is needed.

Mystery Shoppers Skills

A mystery shopper requires specific skills to help himself/herself establish a good business reputation. Strong written skills allows the mystery shopper to write down specific information desired by clients. A written report is needed to verify that the call/visit was performed so good grammar is important.

Customer service skills are important for mystery shoppers. You should be able to interact with various indiduals in a clear manner. For example, you may have to make telephone calls to a client’s call center to determine if the associate was friendly and answered all questions.

Computer skills allows mystery shoppers to enter client computer data and track mystery shopping reports.

Mystery Shoppers Jobs/Self-Employment

A mystery shopper may find employment by working for a mystery shopping company. It is a good idea to speak with other mystery shoppers to find reputable mystery shopping companies who pay as promised and provide a reasonable amount of monthly assignments for good side income.

Some mystery shopping companies only pay a set amount for products/services purchased during an assignment. Others may pay a set amount plus a bonus amount. Thus, a mystery shopper would have to learn about the pay structure during the interview process.

Also, once you are comfortable as a mystery shopper, you may become an independent mystery shopper with your own business name, license, business cards, and desired pay structure. Also, a mystery shopping position provides a nice side income without a regular work schedule.