Types of Risk Insurance

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Insuring yourself, your belongings, your automobile and your life are the four most important accomplishments in life. Some types of risk insurance, like auto insurance, are mandated by government while others, like life insurance are just plain smart to have.

Auto Insurance

The most common of the types of risk insurance is automobile insurance. This insurance is more common because anyone who owns a vehicle with the motive to drive that vehicle on the road needs to carry automobile insurance.

There are three major types of risk insurance an auto owner can purchase. These are liability insurance, full coverage insurance and gap insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most long term of the types of risk insurance. Many people purchase life insurance to support their family in the case of an untimely death. When purchasing life insurance it is important to research all types of risk insurance. For instance, term life insurance covers a person for a specific period of time. If this type of policy is purchased early in life, the term may expire before the insurance is used.

Property Insurance

A vague term at best, property insurance can include home owner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. Home owner’s insurance covers the physical home and all of the belongings in the home as long as the property is not being used as a rental property. Renter’s insurance, on the other hand, does not cover the physical home. The belongings of the renter are covered.

Health Insurance

Of all the types of risk insurance, health insurance is the most diverse. There are an infinite number of policies and coverage depending on the level of coverage purchased, whether or not the policy is company based and the age and health condition of the person being covered.

Health insurance is also one of the most important types of risk insurance as it covers illness as well as accident.

In speaking of accidents, a second form of health insurance can be purchased to further protect an individual from the burden of an accident or death by accident. These types of risk insurance are known as accidental death and dismemberment insurance and accident insurance.